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Prayers will be taken to Shirdi on March 8, 2009


Sai Brother Bhushanji has been called to Shirdi on March 8, 2009 and he wishes to take prayers with him. He has also sent one of his experiences which clearly signifies that whatever we may think, it is Baba only Who calls us to Shirdi and only on His wish we can go to His Home.


Sai Ram….

After long time, I’m coming to you with one experience and demand for prayer request from all Sai Devotees. My experience and demand for prayer request both are inter linked. So I’m sending you in combine form.

Few months (ohh how badly it passed!!!!) back, on one bad day, one thought was came to my mind for a fraction of time that, "Everybody is saying that no one can go & reach Shirdi except HIS permission… is it so?? We can plan and we can go there… we are going there… one can go easily, if he/she will decide to go…. simple" (but at that time I was not knowing that it was not going to be so simple for me for quite a Long period of time!!!)

Sainath upsets our plan only, so that He can set up His own plan for us. While we see our present & plan our future, He sees our future & plans our present....

See it was not my proud or ego but it was just a thought!!! Just unwanted thought, though, it was not from my heart, mind as well as my beliefs!!! Moreover I strongly believe that “Not a single leaf can move except HIS Grace…” so there was no question of denying HIS existence or almightiness… I’m strong believer of my beloved Baba and HIS Divinities. So it was a simple thought for that fraction time, when I was planning for Shirdi…. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now see, how Baba wants to show me HIS almightiness and our poor existence. I could not go Shirdi that time !!!! It was a jerk for me… After that, so many times I had tried for holy visit of Baba’s Dham, but didn’t get success due to any means!! And all those means were totally unexpected !!! This was the real beauty of Baba’s Leela. Sahatra Pranam Sainaaath …..

“Sometimes, SAINATH pushes us to our Limits. He Tests us beyond our Endurance because He has Greater Faith in us than we have in ourselves!!!!”

I was very much sorry for my thought. I was feeling very unpleased during those days. I prayed Sainath for number of times, "Sainath, Please Forgive me and allow me to come to Your Shirdi & Dwarkamai. Kindly call me to come to YOU. Please forgive my all faults, mistakes & negativities and accept me in Your Lotus Feet – The Real Heaven of World – SAI SHARAN. Grace and Bless me please, Baba”

“Sainath answers PRAYERS in Three ways: HE says YES & GIVES you what you WANT. HE says NO & GIVES you something BETTER. HE says WAIT & GIVES you the BEST in HIS own time….”

At last my request, prayer and apology is being sanctioned by Almighty Shri SAINATH. And now HE is allowing me at His Home for my Holy Darshans on Holi Festivals.

I and my whole family and other closed relative members are going to Shirdi Dham on 8th March 2009 and will be back on 11th March (Dhuleti) 2009. We are 17 people going to offer our Humble, Honest & Sincere Prayers to Shri Sainath. We will pray for whole world for Humanity, Brotherhood, Peace & Pleasure with real senses.

"Let us do our prescribed duty and surrender our body, mind and five pranas (life) to the Guru's feet. Guru is Sainath, all pervading. To get this conviction, strong unbounded faith is necessary".

I would more like to pray for others, so I’m inviting your Prayer in Holy & Pious feet of Lord Shri. Sainath. So,

Dear All Sai Devotees,

Kindly send your Prayer to me before 7th March 2pm on or call me on 9998023815. I will definitely take your prayer and put it down in the Lotus Feet of our beloved Baba. Thank You…

May the Merciful Sri Sai Baba always shower His grace on us and our families and remove our problems and anxieties by giving us all - strength, good luck, success and happiness with peace of mind.

May Sai Nath Maharaj Bless you and your Family.

Bow To Shri Sai....

.... Peace Be To All

Bhushan Dholakia

Jai Sai Ram

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