Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Prayers will be taken to Shirdi on (Gurupoornima) July 7, 2009
Sai brother Rahul ji is going to Shirdi to celebrate Gurupoornima. Below is his mail :

Hetal ji,

I don't have words to convey my inner feelings for you, you are doing so good for the humanity that even words are not sufficient to express the gratitude.

Please keep on showering Baba's blessings to all of us.

Please let me know if I can contribute towards spreading good fortune and Baba's blessings to all.

I am going to Shirdi for the GuruPurnima festival, please let me know if there is anything that needed to be done. I would be really fortunate if i can be of any use in the great service. I'll be blessed if I can take their prayers to Shirdi. Prayers can be sent on this mail id .

In love with Baba

Rahul Shankar

A Humble Request : Before two days there was a post in which prayers were requested by Sai brother Jaiprakashji. If you have already sent your prayers to Sai brother Jaiprakashji, please do not send again to Sai brother Rahulji as prayers will be reaching Shirdi in the same time period.

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