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Prayers reached Shirdi on July 7 (Gurupoornima), 2009


Sai brother Rahul ji has returned from Shirdi and had taken prayers of various devotees. All prayers were kept at Lotus Feet of Sai Babaji on July 7, 2009. Below is his mail.

Jai Sai Ram ji

Hetal ji,

By Baba's blessings our Shirdi yatra was very successful. With all his grace we could spent the entire day with Him.

Baba not only blessed us to attend the noon and evening aarti but also blessed us to place all the devotee's prayers in His lotus feet in the Samadhi mandir.

Sai Sai Ram ji

I thank Sai brother Rahul ji for co-operating in this seva and may Baba bless him immensely for his kind service and acknowledgment.

I received mail from lady devotee today. She had sent prayer for her son's recovery from a serious malady. Sai Baba heard her prayer and her son has recovered and danger has passed. This is one miracle which came forward. Like this there may be many such incidents, known-unknown, where Sai Baba must have heard prayers in this way too!!! His ways of taking service from devotees and blessing devotees are inscrutable and beyond our logical thinking. Although He was with us in Physical body but His deeds were not human, they only signified Godhood. Please Baba always take care of Your children like this and give them what they deserve.

Other devotees who missed this chance please do not get disappointed as the prayers are still accepted and will be forwarded to Sai Baba in Shirdi whenever any other devotee go from my town or whosoever volunteers this service. This has been informed earlier and you may please click here for further details.

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