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Prayers will be taken to Shirdi on August 6, 2009

Sai brother Satish again has been called by Sai Baba to His Home. Every time he visits Shirdi, he makes it a point to take prayers to Shirdi. Yesterday i received his mail with subject "HURRAY.....SAI CALLING ME AGAIN...". This clearly shows how much excitment fills his heart when it comes to go to Shirdi. I am forwarding his mail as received (ignoring few personal notes)

You would be jealous to know that i am going to Shirdi on August 6th. I am glad that Sai Baba is calling me again.

You never know when you get a call from Shirdi. I feel i am really blessed to see my Sai once in every two months.

Baba came into my friend's dream on last Thursday and he called me and asked me to join. I just booked my tickets. It just happened and it was not at all planned.

Hetal Sis: Please ask all Sai devotees to send me the prayers. I would be leaving to Shirdi on August 6th (Thursday) and i will return on August 9th (Sunday).

Please ask Sai devotees to send in the prayers to me by August 2nd on this mail id :


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