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Prayers reached Shirdi on 31st July

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories
Sai sister Artiji took prayers to Shirdi and below is her detailed mail with her experience.


Sai Ram Hetal

Please let Sai Devotees know about the submission of their Prayers on 31st August.

By the grace of Sai I reached Samadhi Mandir on 31st July (Friday morning). As usual, the Mandir was crowded with devotees. Since it was the first time I was doing such kind of seva, I was little worried as to how the prayers will be accepted by Baba. I had carried the printouts of Prayers and had sealed it in an envelope. There were around 172 prayers in total. I had mailed the confirmation of the receipt of the prayers individually to each devotee when I was collating the prayers into a single document so, not repeating the names here.

When I reached near the Samadhi I gave the envelope to the priest. He took it and placed it on Samadhi. The envelope was kept for around a minute on Samadhi and was returned to me with a bouquet of flowers from Samadhi itself. I was in tears and never expected such wholehearted acceptance of prayers by our Sadguru Baba Sai. Thereafter we visited Shri Chavadi, Abdul baba Cottage. I touched the prayers with the life size picture of Baba in Chavadi also. Finally, I went to Dwarkamai and inspite of strict security my Jiju (sister's husband) Mr Vijay Anand who was with me managed to leave the prayers at the place which had a board which read “This is the place where Baba use to rest His hands and stand here” and the place also had Baba’s lotus feet below. So, in a way we managed to give the Prayers in the hands of Sai. What more could we ask for!!

Shri Sai Satcharitra says “The saints inspire the work, the devotee becomes only an indirect cause or an instrument to achieve the end.” I thank Sai baba for choosing me to be an instrument for such a lovely seva and request Him to provide me with such an opportunity again in life. I thank my sister Mrs. Aruna Arora who helped me with the printer since I had no printer facility at home. Also, I would like to thank Satish Ji (a member of this blog who regularly takes prayers to Shirdi) for his timely guidance as to how and where to prayers were supposed to be kept.

Om Sai Ram!
Aarti Khanna

For Hetal ji : Please post this with the attached picture of Sai in Golden dress. This picture is close to me as it is associated with an experience/Sai leela which I had when I was in Shirdi.

© Shirdi Sai Baba Life Teachings and Stories

1 comment:

  1. Dear Hetalji,

    Thanks for doing all the good work and helping so many devotees. I am trying to send a prayer but I am not sure how to post or send a prayer. I am sending my prayer through this comment. I hope this is the correct process.

    I am having an interview today. I need Baba's blessings to pass this interview. I will take prasad to the nearby Baba temple the following weekend after my interview. Baba please make me pass this interview as this is very crucial for my career.

    Jai Sai Ram!