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Prayers will be taken to Shirdi on November 28, 2009

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Always an urge to go to Shirdi resides in hearts of Sai devotees. Even after having good darshan and receiving blessings from Sai Baba during this Diwali, my earnest wish is still the same. Today i got to know a very surprising fact about taking prayers to Shirdi. Recently a devotee had taken prayers to Shirdi and priest, instead of keeping prayers at Lotus feet of Sai Baba or consecrating and returning back to devotee, asked him to submit prayers to the office where Sai Baba's dress, gold pendants, silver coins and other things are sold. He was not sure what was to be done with prayers after submitting there, so a question was put forward but reply was not explanatory to some extent. But it signaled that devotees can track back their prayers from there. This service from Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan is on very preliminary stage, but i am very hopeful that it may take a huge form in near future. Anyways, the fact at this point of time is that, the possibility of availability of this service is an unanswered question. Since i got this unclear message directly through that devotee i thought it proper to be shared. A small inspiration of Sai Baba can take big shape in future, has been confirmed again. I would only suggest everyone to do the duty on our part and leave rest to that Supreme One. I received following mail from Sai sister Seema ji who has wish to take prayers to Shirdi.


First of all, i want to congratulate you for doing the great job. I am going to Shirdi on November 28, 2009. Can you please post my message attached below on your website. I will be grateful to you.


Please share on your blog, that Baba has called me in Shirdi - Sai Darbar and I am lucky as I'll spend 4 days there. I want to have blissful Darshan of Sai Deva and Happy to take part of Volunteer Service of taking prayers for Sai Baba. I'll start my journey from here on 28th November night.
Devotees can send their prayer on this ID directly with the subject line "Prayer will be taken to Shirdi on November 29, 2009". I request to send me prayers till November 26, 2009 morning.

© Your Prayers to Shirdi

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