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Prayers Will Be Taken To Shirdi On November 4, 2010

A heart of heart always long for Shirdi. Though we know that Sai Baba resides in our hearts and thus our hearts can be called "Dwarkamai of Shirdi", still the craving for land and air of Shirdi is present. I am reminded of a bhajan sung by Manhar Udhas "Shirdi Tumhare Andar Hai, Tum Dil Ke Andar Dekho To, Wo Pass Khada Mil Jaega, Khud Apne Se Milwaega....", but nevertheless we do not wish to miss any chance to go to Shirdi.

Sai Baba's grace has worked out this time too and i have been called to Shirdi with my parents to celebrate Diwali with Him in His town which was totally unexpected from me and within no time this dream took shape of reality. When it comes to going to Shirdi, it always reminds of taking prayers of devotees across the world to kept at Holy Feet of Sai Baba.
With thrills in my heart i would like to tell you all to please send prayers on with Subject Line: Prayers to Shirdi on November 4, 2010.

Please note the following points to help me to serve you all in a better way:

1. Prayers will be accepted till Wednesday November 3, 2010, 8:00 P.M. IST to get sufficient time to club all prayers and take print outs. Prayers received after this time period will be sent to Shirdi with some another devotee visiting Shirdi.

2. All the year round i receive prayers and all prayers will be considered. To avoid duplication, please do not again send your prayers. Fullest care will be taken to include prayers sent after Diwali (round about mid-October 2009) last year.

3. Please send your prayers to the mail id specified above and not on my personal or group mail id.
It will be informed once your prayers reaches Shirdi when i return back.

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© Your Prayers to Sai Baba in Shirdi


  1. Om Sai Ram - please take my prayers to shirdi as well. I have been suffering burning pain in my stomach for 7 months. Baba, please help me. Please heal me completely. I know I maybe suffering for my karma but baba, I don't know how long I have to go though but I want to get normal. Please look at me baba. Sai Ram, please help me.

  2. Sai Ram Baba!

    Please bless me with a wonderful executive position on Wall Street by December 1st. Thanks!

    Love, JBM

  3. Sai Ram Baba!

    Please bless Indra with health and a break through in her real estate case. Thanks!

  4. Sai Ramji Dear Sai Readers,

    This is a quick update from my side:

    I have clubbed all prayers received till today (3rd November, Wednesday) 8:00 PM and taken their print outs.

    Just waiting to rush to Shirdi and see Baba.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  5. OM SAI RAM,

    Thanks a lot for you that my prayers have been taken by you

    and kept at Sai Baba's Lotus Feet.