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Prayers Will Be Taken To Shirdi On December 2, 2010

Since few months before with Lord Sai Baba's grace i came to know Sai sister Srideviji. She has been called to Shirdi and wants to take prayers of devotees with here. Below is her detailed mail:

Dear Hetal


I'm happy to share with you that i am going to Shirdi next month. So please inform this to our blog members so that if they have any prayer request i'll take a print out and give to Baba.
They can send letters to my email i.e. upto December 2, 2010 2 P.M.


© Your Prayers to Sai Baba in Shirdi

1 comment:

  1. Sai Ram,
    Dear devotee,you are very Lucky that you have the chance to go to SHIRDI and have the darshan of our Guru,God Sai Baba.I have one Request from you that,We are coming to India in the month of February for our Younger Sons marriage,but I cannot go to Shirdi because of short time.If our Sai baba do any MIRACLE to me by making a visit to Shirdi.Can you Please pray for me to our Sai baba,at any chance I can have a darshan to our Lord Shirdi Sai baba. Thank you very much.