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Prayers Reached Shirdi On December 24 & 25, 2010

Dear Sai Readers, this is to inform you that Sai sister Priyanka and Sai sister Ashima has returned from their blissful trip to Shirdi and has acknowledged that prayers of various devotees from many corners of the world have reached Shirdi. Below are their mails with full details.

Mail from Sai sister Priyanka

Om Sai Ram

Dear Hetalji,

I am so excited to tell you and share with all the Sai Devotees that I had the MOST BLISSFUL AND MOST BLESSED DARSHAN OF MY BELOVED BABAJI IN SHIRDI. We started on 22nd December and reached on 23rd evening. We spent the whole day of 24th December that is my birthday in Shirdi and I had innumerable beautiful experiences with Baba the whole day. On my birthday i.e. on 24th December the prayers were first offered at Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir along with a coconut which was returned back with a rose and then later the prayers were kept at Babaji’s Lotus Feet in Dwarkamai. Due to the rush in Shirdi, the upper front portion of Dwarkamai is being kept closed for some time as we got to know from the people and authorities there. So we requested one gentleman who was in the upper portion of Dwarkamai serving Baba to keep the prayers on Baba’s Feet. He kept the prayers at Baba’s feet and I kept praying to Baba watching from the Sabha-mandap below. After that I kept the prayers at Baba’s Stone and prayed to Baba and left them there in Baba’s Sharan. I would like to mention that there were 2 sets of print outs of prayers since I took them out in two intervals and despite stapling it, the pin came off sometime. As Baba Wishes! But By Baba’s Grace all the prayers were intact in those two sets. Here 2 things happened as a miracle of Baba’s Grace.

Firstly that when I took the prayers to Dwarkamai there was a person in Dwarkamai to take the prayers and keep it at Baba’s Charan as if Baba Himself wanted the prayers to reach Him. (Since the front upper portion of Dwarkamai was closed to the general public due to the huge rush in Shirdi.) Baba is Great and He knows how to handle each and everything so well to the delight and amazement of His devotees which is what happened with me.

Secondly since we were in Shirdi the whole day on 24th December, we went to Dwarkamai again in the evening to attend Shej Aarti and after that stayed in Dwarkamai for quite some time. By Baba’s Grace me and my sister also got the GOLDEN CHANCE to clean and mop the floor of Sabha-mandap of Dwarkamai during this time. When we were cleaning the floor, I saw the prayers lying inside the Box where Baba’s Stone is kept. I felt so happy seeing that. I imagined as if Baba Himself is Sitting on the Stone and the prayers are kept Under His Lotus Feet. WOW! Baba’s Sheer Grace!! What more could anyone want! Later when I went brooming the floor till the threshold of Dwarkamai I saw a blue tub in which I found one set of prayers. I was wondering what to do and I came inside and saw some bundles of papers were kept on left side where Baba’s cooking pot place is situated and on those papers was kept a Very Beautiful Small Idol of Baba. When I went close to have a look, I found the first set of prayers lying there. I was happy again to see that Baba Himself is blessing all the prayers. The time was around 12-12.30 a.m. in the night. Then after we finished cleaning the floor, I went to that person who allowed us to broom and mop the floor and enquired whether the prayers were to be kept in that blue tub. He thought that it was some test paper. So then I told him that these were the prayers of devotees from worldwide. He asked me to bring them back and I picked up one set from blue tub and the other from bundle of papers and brought them back. Meanwhile when I had gone to pick up the prayers, he enquired as to what are these so my sister explained to him that these are the prayers of people from across the world who are not able to come to Shirdi and we took print outs of them and brought them in Shirdi to be kept at Baba’s Lotus Feet in Shirdi. When I bought back both the set of prayers, he asked me to put it inside Dwarkamai myself. So I got onto the right side where there is a small pillar and put them inside the front portion of Dwarkamai through the gate railings near to where Baba used to sit in Dwarkamai inside. I was so elated and excited that Baba Himself made us see both the sets of prayers and made us keep them near Him. As soon as I kept the prayers there, our father came asking us to return to the hotel. Then we went back. And I was very happy in my heart that the prayers were amply and fully blessed by Baba. Thanks Baba. Thanks for Your Love and Blessings on all of us.

Our hotel was in front of Dwarkamai, few steps after the shops so we stayed back in Dwarkamai late night and happily enjoyed Baba’s company all the time. I had so many beautiful and innumerable experiences with Baba that I am overjoyed and just feeling the bliss till now thinking them over again and again. We spent 25th December also in Shirdi. And on 26th December morning after attending Kakad Aarti, when we were coming back to our Hotel, THE MIRACLE OF MIRACLES, we saw the upper portion of Dwarkamai OPEN. We immediately ran into the queue. It was not very long. I was in seventh heaven as I wanted to be blessed by Baba on the occasion of my Birthday and in this trip as well. So me, my sister and my mother went and had Blessed Darshan of Babaji from inside. My father was doing his daily Puja in the hotel that time. We touched the Dhuni Maa from outside and I bowed my head on Saiji’s Lotus Feet and imagined His Lotus Hand Touching My Head and Blessing me from above. Then we got down and suddenly my sister saw that the queue was over so we again got inside Dwarkamai and had Darshan of Babaji second time. I had Darshan of Babaji to my heart’s content and satisfaction. Babaji is such a sweetheart. He knew I was disappointed earlier by the fact that we could not get inside and so HE gave us the opportunity twice to Have His Blessed Darshan. He is incredibly Sweet and Kind-hearted. I am sure all Sai Devotees can understand that we have been and we are and we will always be ever desirous and greedy for His Even One Glance and Darshan. And you all would not believe that the moment we got down second time, within few seconds, the person closed the Upper portion of Dwarkamai again. I was thanking Baba all the time with sincere heart that He gave us this Golden Chance of entering and getting inside the Dwarkamai. Thank You Baba. My Koti Koti Pranams to You!

After that we went to have Chavan Baba’s Darshan also and By Baba’s Grace we had good Darshan of Chavan Baba. I want to share with all Sai devotees many beautiful things that I experienced there also. Actually I have been to Sai Dham thrice that is where Chavan Baba resides but I did not mention about Chavan Baba. I am sorry Baba. My sincere apologies Sai Baba. This time I will share my complete experience with Chavan Baba along with my past two experiences with Him By Your Grace Sainath.

Actually this time I have lots to tell and share with the Sai Devotees. So while coming back in the train, I was jotting down the points and feeling the bliss of them simultaneously. At that time, suddenly I had a feeling that I have to tell all the Sai Devotees that they should read my experience of Shirdi Trip completely. This feeling was like as if Baba ordering me to do so. Trust me its Baba’s Will and Wish. So I personally request all the Sai Devotees to please read and feel the Bliss and Love of Baba through the experience of my Shirdi Trip which I am going to share with everybody. I will complete the writing in few days and will mail it to Hetalji.

I have reached home today morning i.e. 27th December and I feel oh how quickly these 3 days passed. As they say Time just flies! But I wish that if I could only stop this time and never let it go away! Time just stays still right where we are now in Shirdi and I spend my entire life in Baba’s Abode of Love. Let this time spent with Baba be permanent and everlasting. Baba I hope You are listening to this.

One thing that I have felt for sure during my this religious trip of Shirdi is that Baba Showers Unconditional Love on me and None Other Than Him can love me the way He loves me. None Other Than Him can love me leave aside more, at least at par with Him also.

This year 2010 has been my best year since my birth and This birthday on 24th December 2010 has been my best birthday ever again since my birth. Baba gave me my best birthday gift that is to spend my whole day in Baba’s Lap of Love. What more could I have asked for! I feel blessed and grateful to Baba for His Bountiful and Abundant Love showered on me. Even if I commit sins or mistakes all the time, He forgives me with a loving heart and Guides me onto the right path. Thank You Baba for Your Unconditional Love, Support and Help to me at all times and in all moments.

I would like to say to all Sai Devotees that no matter what, please repose and retain your Faith in Him. He is taking care of you all the time even if you can’t feel it due to your circumstances. Just don’t ever doubt Him. He has his own mysterious and unique ways to Help you in every situation. Trust Him fully and He will give you abundance of happiness. I am just a small devotee of Baba who is trying to Know Him more and more. I will write my experience of my Shirdi Trip very soon and will mail it to Hetalji.

In the last, I would like to thank you Hetalji for you are surely a blessed child of Babaji. Through you and your Blessed blog I have come to know My Beloved Baba more and more and converse my feelings and emotions with other Sai Devotees. Thank you so much for your support and help.

May Babaji bless us all!

Babaji Please take good care of Yourself!

Om Sai Ram.

Mail from Sai sister Ashima:

Om Sai Ram

I came back from shirdi yesterday only and had beautiful darshan of our baba dressed in pink shawl looking wonderful as usual, beyond words. I was lucky enough to have a very long darshan of baba inspite being a festive season. I had ample time to say the prayers that i received from the people on their behalf and hope they get fulfilled soon by Baba's kripa.

Jai Sai ram


A Humble Request : Please do not send emails conveying thanks for taking prayers through group mail ids to avoid flooding and duplicating mails in member's mail box. It is my earnest request to pass on thanks to Sai Baba only and if it is desire of any devotee to convey there thanks, i would request to go to blog and directly post their feelings through comment form below.

© Your Prayers to Sai Baba in Shirdi

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