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Prayers Will Be Taken To Shirdi On January, 2012

Today morning i approved a pending comment on the post "Prayers Will Be Taken To Shirdi On July 2, 2011". I learned from the comment that Sai brother Anil ji is going to Shirdi in January 2012 and he wishes to take prayers with him. Kindly note the details as given.

By BABA’s Grace, fortunately I am visiting Shirdi in coming January. If you want to send prayer in Shirdi, kindly send me by email. My email ID is
One more, if you want BABA’s Vibuti and Shri Sai Satcharitra from Shirdi, please send me an email with your mailing address. By BABA’s Grace, I hope I will be able to send you by post.


“Hajur Ko Sadhain Jay Hos BABA”

Anil Ranjitkar

© Your Prayers to Sai Baba in Shirdi


  1. Om sai ram, please forgive me if i have done any mistake, i bow to u & i Surrender to u, please wash away all my sin's, which i would have done knowingly or unknowingly. Baba, Please Bless me & Bless me with Good Health & Good Business

  2. Jai Sai Ram, Baba Ji Kirpa karo

  3. SaiRam Hetal ji,

    BABA Always Be with you. I have no word how to express my joy when I saw today my "request to devotees to send prayer to shirdi by email to me" published in so nice way. I already started to receiving prayer and giving me so blissful moment, fortunately will be able to carry all the prayer with our Beloved BABA's Grace. Thanks a lot Hetal ji.

  4. Baba we have lots of faith ,Baba I am terribly in financial crisis ,my business is not doing good all these 13 years,We are in lots of debt ,I don't know ,how am I going to repay them,With my whole heart ,We beg you to help us & show the path,so we can be debt free,our business flourish,& help them BABA who are like us in crisis. I came to shirdi in January 2011, I asked you the blessing ,which we received immediately.since that day Baba we have lots of shardha for almighty SAI BABA,please help me .please . our 2012 coming year be very good for us financially & so forth all the coming years to come.Baba please help my son to get his residency in March 2012 so please help him to achieve his goal.

  5. Jai Sai Ram !

    Anil Ji and Hetal Ji, U r doing a true service for humankind. God Bless u and ur families with health, wealth, prosperity and sai's grace.

    I can't stop thanking you tonns....
    Jai sai baba ki :)

  6. om jai sai ram !
    Baba , thanku for your blessings you have rendered all through these years and i wish to get your everlasting wishes for the upcoming years also. jai sai ram. i hope , all my prayers will be answered by you.

  7. Jai Sai Ram

    Babaji Please Kirpa Karo

    Aap Mujhe aapne pass bula lo

  8. Jai sai Ram!!

    God please bless me to get married to Krishnakumar with the blessing of both our parents.
    Nothing is impossible to u and u r de only savior for me.

  9. Om sai shri sai Jai jai sai

    God please bless me to get married to krishnakumar with the grace and blessings of u and my parents. Please make my sister to talk to my dad mom regarding my love and make it a success. Please god am unable to tell everything here. But u know w\hat all i have went thru in my life. Please bless me. As per my vow i have started reading sai satcharithra. I pray all de devotees to pray for our marriage

  10. hey sai tum se binanti hain raksha karo mere saat hamesh raho har buraiye muje bacho har modpe muje shakti do ki mein usme kaamiyabi ke saat chaun
    Mere parivaar ke raksha karna aur jaag mein shuk shaanti baanye rakna

  11. Hey Sai i humbly request you to be with me in all times be my guide in darkness help me out to come up in my life have been suffering all these years for the mistakes what i been doing i humbly fall to your feet and ask to forgive me as I have done all the mistakes unknowlingly and I currently regret for those help me to come out in flying colors inlife so i can keep people around me in peace of mind and happiness.
    I pray you from core of my heart please protect my family now and always as you have been doing all these years give happiness and peace to all mankind.
    Saieshwaraya namo namaha

  12. @Anil

    Namaste Anilji,
    Thanks for volunteering to take our prayers to Sai's lotus feet. I would like to know, by what date should I email you the prayer?
    Also, I would like to know if you will be mailing Shri Sai Satcharita within India only or can it be mailed abroad?
    Thanks and regards.
    Om SaiRam!!

  13. Sai, thank you for giving me this wonderful life to serve and understand you. Please bless me as I will start my 1st vrat to serve you for 21 days. Shridi sai, please bless me with a child as I have been married for 4 years now. Please bless me and guide me to purchase a good house and also getting a reliable career. Please Shridi, I pray to you sincerely with tears putting all my sorrows at your feet. Please guide me as I shall always be your servant. Om Sai Ram! Shridi Sai Ji ke, Jai!

  14. OM SAI RAM. Baba after a long wait m expecting a child with yr grace and blessing. Baba plz plz bless my child with good mental and physical health. BOW TO SRI SAI ,PEACE BE TO ALL.

  15. Sai Ramji Dear Devotee Readers,

    I received following mail from Sai brother Anil in context of taking prayers to Shirdi.

    Dear Respected Devotees

    Om SaiRam

    First of all, thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to take the prayer to Shirdi to offer in BABA’s Lotus Feet. I will print out all “Prayer Request” and with BABA’s Grace; I will offer in BABA’s Samadhi then will put in BABA’s Hundi. Is it okay?

    By BABA Grace, I will be able to pray on behalf of all of you “Baba’s Beloved Devotees”. It would be Blissful moment for me. Every day while I was receiving the prayer request, all the time I have felt Blessed. Actually, when I will reach home early in the morning after the night shift work, I am always hurrying to open my emails to see the “Prayer Request”. If I have found some “Request for Prayer, Udi and Shri Sai Satcharitra” then joy comes to my whole body in so strange way. I never have such an experience in my life.

    I am reaching Shirdi on late afternoon of January 17, 2012. Beloved BABA already blessed me online Darshan Pass for January 19 (Thursday) at 0945 - 1100 hrs and Pass for Shej Arati on January 20 at 2130 - 2300. I will do pray on both blissful moments.

    After the January 20th, Merciful BABA will give me an opportunity to start mail UDI and Shri Sai Satcharitra to devotees as requested. I am sending group email as well to all devotees who sent me “Request for Prayer, Udi and Shri Sai Satcharitra”

    BABA already showed HIS Grace to be reached all our prayer to HIS Karmabhumi. So, this is just an acknowledgement to all of you to feel free and raise confident. Our prayer certainly accepts by our Beloved BABA. That’s why I am posting this request to all of you. I am still receiving the prayer request. Before leaving to Shirdi, once again I will communicate with all of you through sending a group email.

    All you respected devotees, above mentioned DARSHAN and SHEJ ARATI times, please join with me to do the “JAYGOSH OF OUR BELOVED SADGURU BABA” from our inner voice loudly as much as we can:


    BABA! Please show us Your Blessed Path. We don’t want anything, except Your Blessed Path Alone BABA.

    Om SaiRam

    Anil Ranjitkar

  16. Sairam, You already know I am in such a bad confused state..But am sure you will send someone soon to solve all our problems...please bless us always..

  17. Sairam,

    I am so blessed by you. You have helped me in so many ways. I always have tears in my eyes when I look at you. Please always give your blessings to your devotees..

  18. saibaba past 1 year i am not at all happy something is hearting me somuch my job also baba so much confusion in me and so much fear inside me please help me to be happy like others please bless me and my mother, father ,brother and all to be happy and healthy.

    u r child

  19. sairam please make me happy with a good job healthy family and always u r presence in our family r family like before baba.

  20. sai baba after so much days now i got a call from a company but something is really stopping me and saying no not to attend the interview why baba this kind of fear inside me baba i want to be always near my mom baba but if i go to this job i should stay away from my mom baba and also some fear is inside me when that fear comes i feel depressed unhappy not able to control my tears baba somuch problems for me why baba with your blessings definetly i knew i will get cured please baba from so many days i am having this fear problem because of this all my works are affected baba not only this baba.

  21. saibaba in my house they have started to speak about my marriage baba i am so much afraid baba i have never left my parents and stayed till now but if i get married i should leave them i also cry when they speak about this marriage baba i am very much afraid my friends say if u are like this then in your future you only will be in trouble. baba please help me baba some times get unwanted thoughts and all are coming baba please help me baba

  22. baba . om sai raam sainath maharaj mere frnd digpal rathore ko hamesha ke liye indore settle kardo shaadi ke baad bhi yahi rahe or uska yr back bach jayee m dua kabbol karo ammeen

  23. sai help me...why you are not coming in my dream..i am waiting for you..

  24. Sai i want to marry whom i like please help me

  25. Baba, Please stop my divorce case.

  26. Sai am,in love with parthi for more than 3 yrs, l yr before i conveyed dis to my parents they hav not accepted, created big prob, i tried to stop all my mrge alliances, now my mrge gng to be fixed,i dnt knw wat to do, pls help me sai i cannot marry anyone other than him, pls change the minds of my parents who did love mrge and make us married