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Prayers Will Be Taken To Shirdi On January 27, 2012

Sai brother Satish is called to Shirdi in this month. As always he wishes to take prayers of devotees with him. Kindly note down details below for sending your prayers to Lord Sai Baba through him.
Sairam Hetal sis,

Well, I am going to Shirdi on January 27th and will return to Bangalore on 30th. I would be glad if you ask all Sai devotees to send in their prayers. Please cascade this information to all Sai brothers and sisters. Prayers can be sent to my email I'd -
© Your Prayers to Sai Baba in Shirdi


  1. Dear Satishji n Hetal di,

    Jai Sai Ram !!!!

    I want to mail my prayers...but I don't want to disclose my pls guide me to post my prayer requests to be sent to Shirdi aeap...

    Thanking You

    Sai ki beti


  2. Sai Ram, Swami,pls clear our debts for we need peace to do your service.Speacially, my sai friend who is suffering to clear their debts. Swami, we and our sai family would want to come to Shirdi to get your blessing. Pls help us in clearing our debts.

  3. Sai Baba please bless me with a healthy life. Iam in lot of pain please help.I wish to come to Shirdi with my family but its only possible with your blessings.please call us soon.

    Your Child


  4. Om Sai Ram, please bless our home with love and peace and remove the misunderstandings created by my husband and motherinlaw. he has not been talking to me for more than three months and i have been handling the house n kids all alone with your support. My mother died with shock because of them for what they are doing to me. He has taken everything and my inlaws are poisoning him against me after 22 years of marriage which is come as shocking to me because they were all nice and i wonder what went wrong. Baba please intervene to set all things right.


  5. om sai ram plese bless my children with children.
    om sai ram blkess my brothers son with children


  7. sai baba please bless my mother,father,brother and me and please solve all the problems i am facing please baba help me.
    ur child

  8. saibaba please help me and bring me out of fear

  9. 1 I need continious prosperous job in Very good eng medium school,C.l gupta with salary Rs 30,000 to 40000 per month.

    2 Prepare me finacially for marraige,guide with suitable marraige Bride.

    3 Help us in buying & making a house in mansarovar or AVAS VIKAS COLONEY OR Equivalent posh coloney.

    Sayeeshvaraaya Vidhmahe
    Sathya-Dhevaaya Dheemahi
    Thannah-Sarvah Prochodhayaath

  10. i dont no why but daiy i am getting feared i am searching for a new job but when i get i am not able to accept it saibaba i should come out fear and unwanted thouhghts and i feel crying when i get feared and so much afraid. i should get a good job near my home town and accept it happily and i should work there happily already once i joined a new company and next day i dint go because i dint like that job this should not happen again please bless me and my family

  11. sai ram please solve bank the problem that my family has before I come to india and also please bless me with a child. Also bless me that I can come and see you

  12. sai ram please give me good health and strength...please cure my harmonal imbalance and the pain in my breasts because of that....cure me completely and take care of my parents,inlaws,my family and my sisters family...forgiv my sins and cure all my health problems and bless me with a baby boy.....thank you sairam

  13. please send my prayer to my sai ram kindly cure my knee pain

    and my wife health good also my both sons solve the problems

    give them wealth thank you jai sai ram. d.k.shar,a

  14. Baba please send the person whom i have lost on 31st aug 11 back to me before it gets too late....U know the whole story Baba.... n i know U r working on it...



  15. Baba,

    Please provide my family with good health, mental peace, joy, happiness, togetherness, success and all good things from which we are lacking from last 18 years. Please help my husband to pull his mind away from drinking alcohol and other such bad things and that he may concentrate on me and my children. rest YOU know BABA.


  16. Sai Ram, Mere brother k upar jo karz hai voh khatam kar do please. unki sari chintayen khatam kar do unko good health do.

  17. My mother should be healthy get relief from backache,hand pains and all.
    I have got an interview call on 27th jan but i am very much afraid and baba u knew all problems please bless my family with your grace all my problems will get solved.
    If possible i should get job near my house

  18. sairam i have recently faced lots of problems baba i have got breathing problem it is reduced but for one day once it is coming baba please cure this problem baba so that this problem will never comeback again to me .My mothers health should be also recovered please make my mother healthier baba .

  19. Dear my beloved baba,
    I love you. you are my father,brother,sister,brother,bandhu,sakhaa and everything.Due to your blessings, my life is somewhat going on ahead with shradha and saburi.Baba,now i am facing enormous pressure within myself and surrounding to get my dream job, which you want to give me. Baba, hey mere taaran haar, do bless me with the job. I need to stabilize myself much before the wedding as i need some financial support. baba, dayaa purbak apnaa kripa drishti daaliye baba. i am feeling restless and i am helpless... dayaa karo sai ram...daya karo bhagwan....hey prabhu...dayaalu prabhu...bless me...Om sai ram,om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram,om sai ram, om sai ram,om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram, om sai ram.

  20. baba i have placed lots and lots of problem all you knew baba solve my problems baba please solve baba

  21. SATISH ji will u take the prayers written on this comments

  22. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai!!!
    Get me married to krishnakumar with the blessings of our parents. Give me strength and courage and be with us through out our life. We both need ur blessings always.

  23. jai sai nath. baba mujhe shirdi bula lo. sai kirpa karo sai . saipriya

  24. shikha
    om sai ram ....jai sai nath .....baba sabpe aap apni kripa karte ho jo bhi aapke dawar pe aata hai wo jo maangta hai usko wo hi dete hai he sai mwi bhi aapki der ki bhikhari hu baba aap se to kuch bhi nahi chupa hai he sai nath meri icha puri kar do meri pyar ki naiya par laga do baba plz help baba kripa karo sai nath ................

  25. om sai ram ....jai sai nath .....baba sabpe aap apni kripa karte ho jo bhi aapke dawar pe aata hai wo jo maangta hai usko wo hi dete hai he sai mwi bhi aapki der ki bhikhari hu baba aap se to kuch bhi nahi chupa hai he sai nath meri icha puri kar do meri pyar ki naiya par laga do baba plz help baba kripa karo sai nath ................

  26. om sai ram....jai sainath ji mujhe shirdi bula lo sai baba ji

  27. om sai nath mere pyer sai baba ji mujhe shirdi bula lo deva

  28. om sai nath ji mujhe shirdi bula lo sai sai saibaba

  29. Baba please baba, give me a chance... Please baba trust me.. I'll complete all the promises..
    Please baba, i love him..
    Just trust me and fulfill my wish and you urself see how I make this world a beautiful place atleast from my side.
    Please baba, if I can do good., why u want me a bad girl..
    Please deva, i beg u.. Its possible fr u to make evrything right..
    Ur r my last hope deva,. I beg u.. Don't u want me to cum to shirdi and visit all the places read in satcharita..??
    Please baba, please please please please please please please please please please give me shona in my life as husband...

  30. did the prayers reached on 27th?

  31. I was wondering whether the prayers reached or not? please verify.

  32. Dear Devotees,

    Our prayers have reached our Baba last mnth only when Hetal di went to Shirdi in feb 2012...the prayers which were taken were from oct 2011....

    Baba has read all our prayer we have to wait with utmost FAITH N PATIENCE for them to get them answered... :)

    SAI KI BETI...

  33. My dear SAIRAM
    I need you.
    I need your blessings.
    I need your blessings forever and ever.
    The only thing which i need is your blessings.
    That is enough for me sairam.


  34. I did sai vrath....I am waiting for longer days........still i have patience & faith that will sai will give good results..........jai sai ram........what ever may be its for good sake by our god to us.......

  35. sai baba please mujhe shirdi bulayeae....!!

  36. sai baba please mujhe dhiraj ke saath shirdi bulayeae apne darshan ko please baba...please...!!

  37. pls baba kripa sai ram