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Prayers Will Be Taken To Shirdi On September 1, 2012

Devotees who wish to send prayers to Shirdi can send them to Sai brother whose parents will be visiting Shirdi.

Sai Ram,

Thank you for your kind service by keeping this blog active. Sai will always bless you. I have been a regular reader for many many years, and this blog site has been great.

My mother and father will be visiting Shirdi in September this year. I want to kindly request you to put up a post on your blog asking any devotee to pass on their prayers to me.
They can forward prayers to
Please also note that all prayers must be recieved Saturday, September 1st. All prayers will be printed and placed inside an envelope. Please do not disclose my full name.

Thank you again for your kind service.

© Your Prayers to Sai Baba in Shirdi


  1. OM SAI RAM..Sai baba ji plz solve my problems..

  2. om sri sai ram
    sai baba today i start my 9 days fasting with your waiting for the government job order,by your miracle only i will get the job to my nearest place in salem.within this 9 days im expecting this offerletter.please bless me sai baba.
    thankyou baba for your blessing.
    thank you sairam
    thankyou sairam

  3. Dear devotee,
    Please convey my prayers to baba .
    I am pregnant right now and sincerely wish to be blessed with a healthy baby boy this time which is due on December 25 this year.I already have a beautiful daughter.may baba bless me and my family with long healthy and prosperous life
    Jai sai ram

  4. Himanshu ChauhanAugust 29, 2012 11:01 pm

    Om Sai Ram

    saibaba meri engagement hui 1 saal 2 mahina ho gaya or meri sagai ho jane ke baad meri aapake pratye ki bhakti or badhi he sirf meri mangetar bhoomi ki vajah se kyuki meri mangetar aapako bahot manati he or me bhi manane laga hu me 26th august ko shirdi aake gaya hu or mera 9 guruvar ka vrat bhi chal raha he baba meri problem ye he ki meri sagai tutane ko aai he koi aesa chamatkar karo baba ki sagai tute nahi otherwise me ji nahi paunga mera name himanshu he mera vrat or praying ki laj rakhana baba aesa chamtkar karo ki aajivan aapaki bhakti me dub jao me bless me sai baba muje ek achhi government job dila do baba or sab manokamaye purn karana baba
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Shree SaiNathay Namah:

  5. Sai baba ...
    Neeku ani telusu lokagyanuduvi..Baba na e problems ni solve cheyava plz..e narakam barins=chalekuna..inka antha kalam baba..poorvajanma lo amayina tapulu chestae kshaminchu devuda..baba tana ki nameeda prema taginda..tanu na nunchi vidipokunda memu edaram pelli chesukuntatu chudava baba plz...m begging u ...

  6. Sai ma..........
    Please forgive my all mistakes which i have done in my life.I have not done intentionally it just happend.I ll try to control my mind.Pls give me strngth that i can do it.Pls give me power to overcome all my hurdles in my life and i can live happily with my family........ I dont want any problem just becoz of my mistakes which i have done earlier.....Always be with me for support,strength and courage.....

    Jai sri sainath........

  7. Sai Baba,
    I am tired now, please call me now and relieve me from this worldly bondage.

  8. god pls forgive all my mistakes
    i have done bad things to do good for my loved ones
    i will not do this again pls :'(
    because i don wanna suffer this on mine & my loved ones studies ,careeir & health too
    i will never & evr do this mistakes again
    pls help me
    m sorry

  9. is my prayer taken sir/madam?

  10. please SAI BABA JEE, bless monu dua and his family, his parents with good luck, MAA, as his wife meenu and her brothers are really after him, and they wish to kill him for no reason, BABA JEE, when will this terror story end, MAA, i am surrendering this totally at YOUR LOTUS FEET, i am YOUR BHAKTA, MAA, atleast through me something nice should happen in his life, i am finding more and more misery in his life, more and more money problems, what will happen to our life, MAA, i am surrendering this completely at YOUR LOTUS FEET, SAI BABA JEE, please help us MAA, please have mercy on us, please forgive our sins, SAI MAA, apke charno mai sab kuch arpit rahe, MAA

  11. Hi Baba,

    I wanted to see you physically the way all the Shirdi people saw you when you were in Shirdi.Please bless me with your Darshan.

    Love you,

  12. i bow my heads to the feet of sai baba . my family is looking forward for bridegroom .i m not satisfied with any till now . i m much confused i dont know what is good or what is bad.i m suffering from disease too so i m no table to take correct decision.please help me .i also want good job now . i m frustrated with all my suffering till these days . i m not well

  13. my family is looking for bridegroom for me . i m also looking forward . but i m not in good health . i m suffering for a jblessing of crores of angel ob . i m going to write tnpsc group 2 exam .all i need is your blessing because your blessing greater than the crores of angles and greater thhan my father blessing and mothers blessing because you are divine i pray daily. sai baba you are my father , mother ,friend,guider and well wisher . you are my soul and soul aobject in my life

  14. please sai baba meri shaadi dhiraj se karwa dijea baba ...use meri life se jane mat dejeaga baba please baba.....agar aap aisa kiye to aap humko v mmr dijeae baba please meri prayer 1 baar sun lijea 21 guruwaar ka wrat karenge baba meri har galti maaf kar dijea baba ....
    please please please please please....baba

  15. OM SAI RAM

  16. Om Sai Ram.

    Kindly tell me when and where i should send my prayer for the month October. Please baba you showed me this path kindly allow me to place my prayers and pleadings on your feet.

  17. Sai ram

    Please tell me where to send November players.please baba allow me to send the prayers and please forgive for all the bad things I did ...and I will surrender to u completely to your feet for my full life time
    Please be with me

  18. Prayers Will Be Taken To Shirdi

    “Sai Ke Diwane” is going to visit Shirdi during Diwali, So Devotees who wish to send prayers to Shirdi Saibaba can send it on till 9th Nov 12 night. Source

  19. Is anyone taking prayers to Shirdi for Decemeber? Please let me know

  20. Sairam ,
    Sai devotee Aditi has mailed me regarding her trip to Shirdi on 17th Dec 2012. Below is her mail .
    Devotees who wish to send their prayer request can send her prayers in the details provided below. Jai Sai Ram .

    Dear Manisha,
    Om Sai Ram!
    Once again Baba has beckoned me again to the holy land SHIRDI for darshan. Its a blessing in disguise for me as it was totally unplanned. Although it would be a short but am sure a very sweet and pleasant trip to see Our BABA.

    Thus I would once again like to take this opportunity to take prayer requests if any devotees of Sai Baba wishes to send their prayers to Shirdi.You can post it in website and devotee's can email me at with the hope that Baba bless us and fulfill all our wishes and desire!

    I'll be leaving for Shirdi on 17th Dec 12, thus all can send me their requests by 15th dec, so that I can get the printouts on 16th dec.

    Many thanks,
    Love and regards,

  21. Baba .. please Give me a Good Health ... I fear Medical and Doctors !! Jay sai Ram !! Sai Natha'rpan mastu .. subham bhabatu !!

  22. Sai Ram ,
    I would be visiting shirdi sometime on Jan 2013 I can take Sai Devotees prayers.
    My email id is
    Please sent all prayers by Dec 27th 2012

    Sai Ram

  23. Om namo sairam,

    shata koti pranam baba .I have seen so many miracles baba please bless me with a healthy child baba i have waited years baba when my past karma will be reduced saima i am praying for that day

  24. om sai raam..
    baba i am appearing for interview tom baba please help me clear and get into project baba pls you should only be with me...please baba...i love sai....

  25. saiji mera admission karva do

    sai shirdi bula lo

    om sai
    jai sai ram
    jai dwarka mayi

  26. karthikgurunath RJanuary 19, 2013 9:33 pm

    OM SAI RAM....

    I completed my B TECH IT in the year 2012...iam looking for a suitable job in chennai...Iam praying to u to kindly help in getting a good offer that suits my line of study...

    JAI SAI RAM....

  27. baba, when will my day come for shirdi darsan please call me soon, i am always longing to step foot in the holiest place of shirdi,
    ohm sai ram,

  28. baba pls guide and bless me

  29. Baba pls give peace of mind and save me

  30. Sairam

    Please forgive me for whatsoever sins i have committed in this present life and in the past if any.

  31. Is anyone taking prayers to shirdi in march or april??
    Please let me knw.. I'll be very thankful

  32. Om Sai Ram

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