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Please Help Me Baba - Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from an Anonymous Devotee from India: I am 2006 batch BE graduate but till 2008, I was jobless. I was disheartened by various personal and financial issues during those days. But somehow, I got someone special in my life in mid of 2008 after a painful heart break. I went to Baba's temple on 9th October 2008 for the 1st time in my life along with my mother, sister and neighbour. My sister kept a coconut for my job on that day. On the next month, I got a job in my own city. On 29th November, I got the confirmation call and just after few minutes on the same day, I got offer to go to Baba's Temple to watch the holy Aarti and I went. On the next day, my special man came to my city to meet me for the first time. We both belong to different religion and different states. Despite of hundreds of mismatching, we fell in love with each other and never wanted to separate from each other. I lost my father before my birth. But within him, I got all the love and care always in all the ways. He always treated me like a queen. By getting the job and him, I felt like my life became complete.

But in the year 2012, he suffered from deadly disease swine-flue. Even doctor lost the hope of his life. I went to meet him. But his family didn't let me to meet him and scolded a lot to me and my family. I went back to my city cried like anything. I started a lot of Pooja and Vrat. The day he was kept on ventilator was Thursday. I prayed Baba if He give him new life I will keep Thursday Vrat till my last breath. I have been doing Thursday Vrat very strictly from that day and I will continue till my last breath. Somehow after 2 and half months, he was discharged from the hospital. I also promised Baba that I will surely post this Miracle once he recovered. I am sorry Baba because of the ignorant, it’s became delay. I became mad for him day by day after I accepted his proposal. But the saddest part is after 7 and half years of strong and committed relationship, he now hates me like anything because of some misunderstanding. It’s really unbearable to me. Since my childhood I have been losing. But after getting him into my life I felt like I am the Only Happiest person in this universe. He is everything to me. Baba I don't want to lose him at any cost. Please do some miracle. You are the only hope Baba. I promise this would be my last request. Just get him back in my life with the same charm full of love, I promise I will never ever ask anything in my this birth. He is the only wish of my life. Without him, I don't want to live further. If You don't want to get him back in my life then please give me death. You are my last hope Baba. Please do some Miracle please. I beg You Baba, please do some Miracle.

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  1. dear sai sister,
    om sai ram. I m also praying to sai baba ji to get baby from last 15 yrs. sai baba ji i have firm faith on ur promise that whosoever climbs the stairs of dwarkamai will ends his sufferings so sai baba ji definitely will give us sai ram.

  2. Have a faith on baba, he knews what's suits you and ur life. Om sairam

  3. Dear Sai Devotee sister

    I am sorry to hear what you are going through but have faith in Baba. You have always been praying Baba ,so trust him for whatever happening to you is for a reason. Have faith in him and he will make wise decision for us. If something is not in our favour ,do not think that Baba is not blessing, everything that happens to us in life is for a reason. When I had problems in life I use to think "Why me Baba have to go through this?" and once you start trusting baba and read SaiCharithra you will understand that he is helping us wash our sins. So if good or bad thing now happens to me "I pray Baba asking may be this is happening for a reason, please take of it Baba". Trust in Baba and leave everything to him.

    And accept every hurdle in life, once you start accepting and face the problem you are becoming strong and Baba will help you overcome.

    Always remember Baba's teachings - Be good ,do good !

    Be sincere in your daily efforts and prayers.

    May Sai bless you and end your troubles sooner.

    Love and Peace to all
    Sai Friend