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Depressed - Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Baba Online Prayers | Your Prayers to Sai Baba of Shirdi | prayers.shirdisaibabaservices.inShirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee from India: Hi All, I am Lata, i don’t want to say that i am a devotee. Infact i am a child of my dearest Baba , He is my love, He is my life, He is my path , He is my everything in this world , today i am only because of Baba Sai Ma !! Thanks for providing this platform to share the pain and good things as well.

For the past 25 years i’m experiencing my Baba in my life. He is such a miracle in my life. If I start telling my experiences here, pages won’t be sufficient. He will take care of the things from smallest to biggest. My entire family is surviving only because of my Baba. Without asking only He provides us everything. But only one thing still i am not able understand is in spite of asking lot many times He is testing my patience since 2009. I missed my love due to bad situations and i couldn’t get marry whom i loved. Later i felt that whatever my Sai Ma decides that will be good for me, but i am 34 years now. Still i am waiting for my soulmate, and i am crying day and night in front of my Sai Ma. I did 3 times Nav Guruvar Vrat. Still my marriage is not happening some or other reason stops me. I don’t know what mistake i have done in my life. Whatever i do, i tell to my Sai Ma and i remember at least in this janma i didn’t do any sin. I am so pure hearted still i am crying, but Baba watching me simply He is testing me for years, i don’t have patience any more. I am tired a lot alone in life. Baba please listen to my prayers. I know you are watching me but you are not answering me. I am so helpless. I don’t know what to do in life, what is the purpose of my life ? Please come to me, guide me what to do. I am alone Baba. I am so alone. Please forgive me Baba if i did unknowingly any sin. Please don’t leave me alone. Love you Baba! Apki Beti!!

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  1. Om sai ram! Baba pls help. You know i am suffering every now n then with ill health.pls Sai Maa help. I want to lead a normal life... I am asking for good health Baba pls.

    1. Dear devotee do Sai Kshat Nivaran Mantra:
      Or do Sai 9 Thursday Vrat , you will soon recover and baba will bless you with happiness in life.

  2. Om sai ram! Baba pls help. You know i am suffering every now n then with ill health.pls Sai Maa help. I want to lead a normal life... I am asking for good health Baba pls.

  3. My prayers to Our Deva that He send you love and happiness and soon bless you with a beautiful partner :)

    Jai Sairam

  4. Dear sai please sent this young lady her perfect life partner and make her happy.god bless

  5. Dear devotee,

    Do not worry, baba will soon answer your prayers. Read Sai Satcharitra, finish it in 7 days on the last day break coconut infront of baba and offer him some sweets. You can also try this: this is my personal experience: when I am in dilemma, I sit infront of him, I open my heart and tell him all my problems, then I close my eyes keeping Sai Satcharitra in my lap, and I randomly open a page: I can assure you, you will sure find your solution. If you do not understand, then look at the page number and then see what it says in baba's question answer book or websites. Baba always listens, it's WE who need to listen to him and fully surrender to him. Leave all your worries on him. If he has blessed you with everything and he is making you wait for one particular prayer then there must be a reason. Ask baba he will tell you. May baba bless you soon. Sai ram.