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Baba I Love You - Sai Devotee Manasa

Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Sai Devotee Manasa from India : Jai sai ram. Thank you Hetal ji for doing this remarkable work and making us happy daily by increasing faith on Sai maa. Today I am here to ask our family members a help that I am suffering for one of my past karmas. I know Baba is the one Who will take care of everyone and we should pray to Him. But I decided to ask Baba through this blog as many of the devotees are reading this blog and surely I will get their blessings in addition to my Sai maa grace. Sai ma you know exactly what my problem is and you know that I am doing my best with your help. But I don't knows why You are still waiting and let me to bear all these pains. You have given me everything best I can't just say thanks for that but please Sai maa don't leave my hand. Please be with me. I wish that as soon as my experience posted in this blog my problems will get resolved. Please Hetal ji post this and let all my Sai children give their blessings to me. I have mailed 3 of my experiences before which are yet to post in this blog. Please Hetal ji have a look over it.

I strongly believe that If share my problem on this blog I will surely get a good news. Please pray for me. Thank you Hetal ji and every one. Sai maa, I will be waiting for Your blessings. Jai Sai Ram. Sarvejana sukhino bavanthu

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