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Baba Please Answer My Prayers And Don't Leave Halfway - Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Sai Devotee: Thanks Hetalji for this wonderful blog. I have posted few experiences in past. I am small devotee of Baba who entered my life when I was in very difficult times and from then He is integral part of my life. I have experienced many miracles of Baba. But from almost 10 months I am not able to connect with Sai, I don’t know what happened and my Guru is upset with me. Below I will share my experiences.

My Baba helped me right from getting job, marrying a suitable guy, having a lovely daughter and able to get some property. We moved to Australia, Baba helped my hubby to get job in 2months.I am trying for job for 10months, I am always getting rejected. I am praying Baba day and night but now a days He never responds to my prayers. Previously He used to talk with me and showed me correct path. Now I pray to guide me but He never cares for me. He stopped listening my prayers and left me alone in this world. I request Baba to let me know my faults but He is totally ignoring me. Now a days I am praying for his Love rather than any job. Please Baba listen to my prayers and don’t leave me alone. Guide me and bless me.

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  1. Just pray for His grace and not ask anything, I'm sure he will give you what you asked for and more. Remember, He is what you imagine him to be, so imagine Him to be happy with you instead of angry.

    Jai Sairam

  2. Don't thino like this sister.he is like your mother and father.he never neglect you but constantly connectino to you stating that I am your mother staying with you all the time and I know what to do at right time.Om sai ram.