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Left With No Place To Go - Sai Devotee Dipesh

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Dipesh Pillai from India: I am left with no place to go and feel that I am left distorted by Sai.

I am going through a worst experience of Sai right now. I have lost Him and He too has lost Him. But I know that losing me is not a big deal to Him, because He has thousand of Devotees better than me, so that might be the reason He was okay even if He lost me. I have lost my Home, My love and My God too. Don’t know where to go? Happened to see this site and read experience, and was wondering that why He left me? I asked only this and I am asking since 8 years. I got my biggest Birthday Gift on my Birthday, when I lost my love to someone else, neither she wanted to leave me neither I wanted to, but the next day was her engagement. The last day my girl was mine, I lost her on my birthday and mind you anyone who is reading this, if someone thinks that He didn’t have faith or He lost faith that means His faith was not strong, then it is not the way, when you lose everything and the only God can do and you put accumulated faith on Him, your entire faith leaving no stones unturned. He left me unattended, with no faith left now. On any God, all the faith has converted to anger I need Him, I am missing Him but now know not anymore, the dent has already been there. If someone in touch please, please ask Him why? Why He left me when I needed Him the most, why He just kicked me, for the pray that I prayed for last 8 years? Where is my family? My relationship with family is also broken, no friends, no love, no home, lost my faith in Him. Where should I go? Ask Him..Ask Him... Reach me with answer. It is the only reason I am putting my email id and please I don’t want answer as He is looking for someone better, testing you hold on, after bad time comes good time..bla bla bla.. I am filled with negativity, anger, frustration and it's dark here.

© Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers


  1. Dear Dipesh, He looks at you the way you look at Him - as in, it's your karma that makes you think that He has left you and that is what is manifesting. If you look at Him and say He is forever with me and guiding me, then He is.

    May He have grace on you and yours.

    Jai Sairam

  2. Just look into sai's eyes with no single thought for sometime. Saimaa will answer through your thoughts.

  3. Dear Devotee don't be angry or sad, Baba never leaves his children, HE always cares for them and looks after them and HE is still looking after you

  4. om sairam dipesh plz don't worry baba is there to look after he can leave his own children's n u will get wats in ur destiny.

  5. Hello Dipesh Baba is taking time so that he can give you the best
    do not worry.He is taking care of you.
    Never doubt him , as he is thinking about your welfare more then
    you yourself.
    regards anynimous

  6. Dipesh i can very well understand your pain. Have gone through the same face when i was ditched in love. But here on ur part she was loyal to you. May i know you which place you belong to? In your msg you have said that u have mentioned ur email id but i havent found that.