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Baba Please Come And Meet Me - Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: I am residing in Middle East, I would like to anonymous. Sai Baba it's been nearly 6 and half years I am going through lot of pain because of my husband, who is a betting king, who plays casino. He has taken too much loans from bank and also from unknown people. He is a great liar who is cheating me by sleeping with prostitutes and always try to flirt with every possible girl on earth. I am an engineer, good looking and from good family. I am a good person but my husband always blames me and comments me and try to hurt me in every possible way. My husband always talks over the phone with many, he does not mention their name too. He keeps changing his mobile password. He deletes his browsing history in his laptop and always tries to keep things secret. He always try to hurt me in front of his friends.

Baba I feel I can't take it anymore You know what all I have gone through, enough Baba end this forever. I have lost my sleep and peace of mind because of my husband. Sometimes I feel like committing suicide but I can't even do that because I have a son whom I have to look after. Sai Baba where are You ? Why You are silent, Why don't You punish my husband and make him realise his mistakes. Baba I have faith only in You. Sometimes I think You are there and You would definitely help me and whosoever is going through pain like me. Baba I don't want to hurt anyone, whenever possible I tried to help others. Then why this suffering? And how long ? What wrong I did? Tell me please, Baba I want to tell You one thing, You always said we have to bear for past karma. Baba without our mistake in this birth. We will have to suffer for past birth’s karma. I really don't agree with this. Baba if I do mistake punish me same day or next day and correct me and it's applicable to all. But not next birth Baba. I have cried so much, so much. I don't have strength to face still more.

Baba don't see silently. Answer good people's Prayer. Punish people like my husband. Be with good people and protect them all the time. Please don't say past karma. Baba You know I can't die now, at least give me some solution. Punish my husband and correct him or else I want to get separated from my husband and make myself independent. I can't tolerate any more Sai Baba please come down to earth and help all good people but don't spare the sinner. I want my husband to go through all worst pain of my life. Because he hurt me and my parents. Shirdi Sai Baba answer me as early as possible or else I don't know what's going to happen to me? Sleepless nights have made me very weak. I am dieing everyday Baba. When will You help me? I asked You loyal and loving husband and a simple life. But what I got is Opposite who is a gambler, liar and cheater and a big flirt. Baba help me. I can't take this mental torturer everyday. Oh merciful Baba please answer me or can You do one thing? Give spot death to me and my son. I will be grateful to You if You take away our lives. If You can't make me happy. Give us death, mukthi. Baba I am loosing my faith because of situations. Baba I beg You take me out. Baba Sai Maa why You can't hear me. Please take care of good people in this universe. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

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  1. Surrender to Him and be strong, He will shower His grace on you and yours.

    Jai Sairam

  2. Ifeel the same and going thrrough kinda same beinf hurt by family my father specially and Im begging Baba to kill me or make things better I dont want to die because of my mom and nephew and I dont want to commit suicide ( Bad karma) but cant live like this my health is not good at all thats why I cant even concentrate on my studies also ther deppression, anxiety, bpd, maybe adhd too and also very toxic family but I have one thing positive ie I have faith that baba will solve this Im hopefull for bright future and once I get there Ill definately help as many persones as I can but right now Im powerless but still trying to help whoever needs I also pray Baba to please help good people in this world and dont punish bad ones but make them good and then help them too I hope Baba listen to my prayers soon, and for you why dont you take one tough decicion one thing Im sure he is incorrigible so dont try to reason with him youll only waste your energy and peace of mind as you know how liars behave if Baba want hell make him realise his mistake and make him better but still dont expect this and waste your time as we dont whats best for us but Baba does, you just gather as many proofs as you can with the help of detectives, spy cameras etc and file a divorce get rid of him and make your son a better person and I promise youll be very happy in your life dont wait and make the same mistake as my sister did she waited for more that 8 years and things just got worse and we still are suffering, waiting will make you and your family suffer alot, itll be hard at first but remeber youll find mental peace and happiness afterwards so just dont wait please Me and Sai baba will be with you forever. and if like to talk to your Sai Brother then mail