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Prayer Request For Blessings - Anonymous Sai Devotee


Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from UAE : Oh Sai, I don’t know You will hear me or not, but I write to You. I am quite sure that You had been with me since 2012 I hope. I could realize lots of changes both in my personal and professional life, without You I am nothing. I hope You know very well my Love towards You, and my situation right now. Baba I don’t know I am good or not but I am under Your feet, I feel like You are Lord Krishna and Rama. I have realized You near me many times. I cried towards You to reduce the work burden in office, You did it; this job You gave me, it is Your miracle Baba, thank You so much for listening my heart. You uplifted me from my lower life stage; I can never forget it all my life. My family has shifted to new house, please bless them, show them a new life and happiness, please be with them forever, save them from all obstacles, show a way for my brother’s business, please. Baba we are planning something for our family, please bless us, shower us the prosperity, it is our new journey from poverty, without Your blessings we are nothing. It is Your power that You have pulled all the members in my family towards You. I am sure You are looking at my family and me every minute.

Show us a good shop for the start of our business which we can afford, it is our first step, please help us and bless us, I want to hear the good news that they got a good shop within end of this month. After we start five branches before my marriage, we all will come to Shirdi in our family. You know very well that I love someone and he also loves me but why he is not proposing? Please Baba, give him courage to propose me and bless us to have a wealthy happy life, I need You, please help me. He is so hesitant day by day but all his way of talking and activities show that he too loves me, please make him propose me. If we both get married happily, we will come to Shirdi after marriage.

I am trying for something Baba which is impossible without Your support, I initiated but no answer still. I don’t know what they are thinking, please make them understand me and get agreed, You are my only saviour Deva, please give me an opportunity to become an employer, I want to enhance my skills, I need somebody’s support, please let them be good people and get agreed for my proposal, if it is confirmed, after starting it, I will come to Shirdi. Please make my current one as the last company that I work for in my life, please make me to become an entrepreneur, please bless me. I wish Baba, we should have five branches, and a good owned house at the time of my engagement and marriage, but I don’t know, only You can make it, I am nothing, I even don’t know thinking this is greedy or normal wish. Please bless me Deva, next year before December I should get married with the one in my heart. I want You to come to my marriage and bless me for our life, his family should accept me without any problems, You are there to support me, please save me. At my present job, please let me be like this forever, they should not disturb me for anything until I am here, I have to work peacefully as long as I am here, please help me Deva, they should not disturb me out of office hours, make sure of it please. And please give me that visa cancellation paper, please. Please save all Your people Deva, reduce their burdens, give them happiness, we all are under Your feet. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. May He bless you and yours with happiness and peace.

    Jai Sairam

  2. Sai Baba has always believed that education is an effective tool for transformation.

    madhusudan naidu

    madhusudan naidu muddenahalli