Thursday, 23 January 2020

Prayer To God - Sai Devotee Sreelakshmi

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Sreelakshmi from India: Prayer To God I am an ardent devotee of Sai Baba from UAE. Thanks Hetalji for this wonderful website. Please keep up the good work. Sai Baba, I am going through a very, very low phase of my life, a very tough time unable to express in words. I am totally broken and shattered because of one boy I loved. He is constantly hurting me with his words. Please Baba help me get over him. My self esteem and self worth has taken a heavy toll on me. Please Sai Baba help me overcome this. There is nothing left in me. I am extremely disturbed. I am not even able to concentrate on my coming exam. I beg You and plead You to help me, please.

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  1. May He shower His Grace and Blessings on you and yours.

    Jai Sairam


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