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Sai Ram Please Make My Mother-In-Law Alright - Sai Devotee Aditya


Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Aditya from India: I am Aditya from Karnataka. Sai Ram please make my mother-in-law aright. Baba my mother-in-law has headache. She's crying and not telling what happened. Please make her alright. My wife is also stressed a lot because of the situation. Please make everything alright. Please Baba I don't have that many guts to see all these things. Please make everything alright. Please Baba. My wife struggled a lot in her life, please bless her and also make my mother-in-law alright. My uncle is also not well. Please make him alright Baba, please. Sai Ram Sai Ram. Raj Ram Rajaram Rajram. Tande Kapadu.

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