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  1. Sai ram everyone,my name is jassi.i wants to share my experience with you.sai baba miracle in my life.from 2013 I met Sai baba in my village temple.i kept 9 vrat of Sai baba to fullfill my dream.that time I was not very close to Sai baba.but I believed that he listens everyone's wishes.i went to Sai temple pray for my wish to go to foriegn 2016 baba fulfilled my wish I got my visa I came back to Australia with my husband and my two daughters. than you Sai baba .I also bring baba's one ideal (murti) with me to Australia.every Thursday I do avhishekam of Sai Baba's ideal.offer them to wear new clothes.still I am doing this from last 4 years.then again very hard time comes in my life .again my visa got refused that time my elder daughter
    was in school and younger one was going to start school.on that visa we were not able to pay both daughters fees .then I went to school I explain everything to administer she said wait let me call to department I was praying to Sai baba now my daughter will miss her class.i was crying.after call she said you do not need to pay both of fees.i was so happy and saying thank you baba.baba always stands with me in my hard time.after 2 years we have to leave the country if we are going to apply for new visa..then there is a Sai baba temple in Brisbane .my friend said we will go there everyday.i use to go baba's temple everyday.i pray for my visa.baba found a sponsorship for me .baba helped me a temple I saw a Sai satcharitra in english.i asked my friend to have Sai satcharitra in was my wish to read Sai satcharitra .after few days I went to Sai Baba's programme then I purchased Sai satcharitra from I use to read everyday.whatever I wish .my wish comes true doing saptah pranayam.baba fulfill my wish as I was thinking for Sai satcharitra.after that I always pray to baba now I am going to India .you have to call me come back as soon as possible.i cannot live without your darshan.then slot of ups and downs comes in my 2 and half month I got my visa .I was so shocked and happy that I got my I can go back to australia.before visa Sai baba comes in my dream and he was smiling and saying your work will be done in next 20 days and this happed in 13 days I got my visa.i was saying thank you baba .love you baba.this happed because of you.i was crying .baba always listen to our wishes and fullfill them on right time .when I went to India in starting baba comes in my dream.and said why are you thinking so much .he was smiling.he did not said when your work will be done or not.i was worried why baba said this and I waited for my visa 2 I mentioned about other dream he said your work will be done in 20 days It became true.thank you Sai baba for husband's medical was not clear for visa.when I got call from my lawyer.she said your husband's medical I'd not clear and gone for further assesment.i was so worried if his medical is not cleared he will not get visa.i remember that day was Thursday I was on baba's fast.i was crying and said to baba as I am nothing without you.i do not want my visa without my husband also I said baba I will do saptah pranayam if his medical will be one will believe baba did miracle.i was sleeping next day I got call from my lawyer that your visa is granted.when I saw why she is calling me I was worried she will Say about my husband's medical but miracle happened. Sai baba I love so much.keep faith and patience .he listens to everyones wishes .Sai baba always bless everyone and my family.sai baba please fullfill my wish to get permanent residency in Australia .Om Sai ram everyone.

  2. Sai Baba Sidharth Shukla bigg Boss Jeet Jaya. Papa ka mama tabyist thik Raha

  3. Sai Baba thank u Sidharth Shukla Jeet Gaya bigg Boss. PlZ baba mera Parivar ka tabiyat hamesha thik Raha. Hmm log acha ghar mil Jaya. Om Sai ram


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