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Prayer Request To Bring Back My Love - Anonymous Devotee

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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous devotee from India: I am from Odisha, now presently i am staying in Hyderabad and working as Assistant HR Trainer, i came to this city on February 2015. I was first staying in Mumbai but about my job nothing was working on and somewhere yes it was my fault too as i was careless but Sai Baba was always with me and finally i came here in Hyderabad. Well i was not happy but i got my first job here and all this change after i visited Dwarkamai in Shirdi and also i got my first love. She was just exactly the way i use to pray for and i had her. I am blessed to have her. It was that day when i met her in my office and believe me in the first meet itself we were talking as if we know each other from a long time. The connection that I had with her was never like anything before we were almost like it’s been after a long time we were meeting. She came back after two days again and that day I was waiting for her and also she was waiting for my call, she was just so eager that why I am not calling to her, it was a beautiful moment that day first time we hugged each other and exchange our numbers and gradually we started talking and most important, she was just exactly the kind of girl that i used to pray for to Sai Baba and finally we met and just like me even she was a Sai devotee. Everything was just so fine, we started talking every day. I use to make her calls and she use to make me calls. It was like God just brought us together just for each other. We really did not have to work on our relationship, everything was falling at the place like Sai Baba has made all the set up.

Finally one day we had a misunderstanding, just because I shared my feelings about her to one of her friend and she never wanted it and there where all the things started falling and that is the time when I got close to Sai Baba again, I know it was my mistake and I shouldn’t have done it but now I am sorry about it, I just opened my heart nothing more. I love her very much and I want to give all that happiness and love that I have I never wanted anything from anyone but I have always prayed for her to Sainath that no matter what happen, never separate us. When I started going to Sai Baba Temple and kept fasting again we came in contact but she was not like before her making calls and texting me was totally reduced, it was always me who use to approach and make plans to meet but every time it was cancelled at last. Every single day from November 2015 till April 2016 and still going on every single day I pray to Sai Baba to fix it up. One day when I kept this “Determination” that every single day Sai Baba in the early morning I will walk naked leg from my house to Your Temple for morning Aarti, till You don’t make us meet again and that day my very first day of it when I reached, the priest himself called me and made me a part of morning Aarti in front of Sai Baba statue. We started talking but it was very very less like if there is any work then only we talk otherwise no for all this 6 months. Everyday it was hurting very much but still with believe on Sai Baba, I kept on walking.

One fine day when I got angry one Him and told Him, Baba if You really think we have to meet then bring us together otherwise keep us away and that very same day I got a call from her that she wants to meet me and we had a good time, I was like what is happening but now again it has gone back to same space I really don’t know what is happening? What is this test that Sai Baba is taking why every time we cross each other’s way. I tried so hard but I am not able to pull myself away from her, I don’t know but there is some divine force that has hooked me up with her now I have completely given up to Sai Baba that from this day it is His responsibility to bring us together, my dear Sai family, I just don’t want to lose her, I don’t want to. I feel that it’s a test that I am going through may be that I got her way to easy so may this distance is to make me understand and test me and also realizing the value of love. Please friends pray for me and may Sai Baba bless her love in my life. I miss her. We talk sometimes but i miss that feel and connection in our talks.

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  1. Hello Sir,
    My story is similar as yours. But in my case, after leaving everything on babaji's feet, Babaji showed me a path that "To pray him wholeheartedly, to show me a path to pray in such a way such that there is no seperation between us."
    I will be praying with the above prayer.
    Please you also pray to Sai Babaji because I feel when someone is crossing our path again and again,inspite of leaving everything on his divine feet then it might be his grace,but only negative thing is we are not able to understand what his signs are for this relationship. If we pray him wholeheartedly, he will quickly come to our rescue.
    Have "Shraddha" & "Saburi"
    Om Sai Ram

  2. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

  3. Endure it, surrender to Him and as you said this is a test, hold onto Sai with firm faith and you shall succeed :)

    Jai Sairam

  4. Om sai ram .he will surely bring ur love back and hv married lyf with that girl you love.baba sai now he is also ur child look after the issue solve them and bless the boy love and mairrage with same girl.surrenders my prayers whole hearted to you sai ram.

  5. yes u wholeheartedly have to have just SHRADHA & SABURI. only baba;s will happen so leave everything on him and u just recite sai sai sai sai sai . i faith that u will definitely get ur love back. its babas will.

  6. Your condition is very heart touching....infact I am also in a similar situation like yours.....Sometimes Sai shows me hope and sometimes it goes back to the same space again....don't know what will happen in future...I will pray for you brother
    Om Sai Ram

  7. Dear Devotee,

    Have patience and faith on Sai baba. He will give you what is good at the right time. Your faith in him will give you wisdom to overcome your problems and take a right decision about your life partner.

    You are saying that she is also a sai baba devotee and if she is not showing empathy on you, it must be due to some other issue. May you need to find a way to open her up and understand her concerns.

    At the end Sai baba will provide you what is good if you are his true devotee. Just remember his feet, none of these problems will bother you, he will show you the path forward.

    Jai sai ram!!

  8. My story also same as yours, m also praying every day n nite to return my love back..