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Baba I Need Your Help - Sai Devotee Janani

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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Sai Sister Janani from India: I am a devotee of Baba for one year. I would like to thank the administrator of this blog for doing this wonderful job. Baba came into my life last year. From that moment onwards, i experienced lots of miracles by Baba. I got job by Baba's blessings. But from the day one, i did not like that job because my boss is very rude to me. I did not heard such harsh words in my life. Everyone in my work place started blaming me even the mistake is not mine. I could not be in such a work place.

I am praying Baba to relieve me from that situation but Baba is not hearing my prayer now a days. I am crying like anything daily everyday for the past three months. I could not leave this job also because i have to support my family. I could not do anything in my life now. I am feeling that Baba is not accepting me as His devotee because of my bad karma. Last week, i promised Baba that if i go home earlier from office i will post my experience. Yes, Baba helped me to come earlier from office that day. I am in very worst situation now. I really need Your blessings now Baba. I lost my father during my childhood itself and no one is there to hear my pain. I was very happy that Baba is there to help me but now You are also leaving me from You by keeping me away from You. Please Baba forgive me if i did any mistake. Please help me and give me good job please.

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  1. As you believe so it shall happen. My advice to you Janani is believe that Baba is with you and holding your hand and everything will be fine instead of the opposite. He will bless you then :)

    Jai Sairam

  2. Jai Sai Ram...Baba bless this lady with peace & happiness

  3. baba please bless her with good job soon.

  4. Dear sai baba bless sister janani with excellent permanent job with all love peace happiness and respect.jai shree ram.omsairam.Jai hanuman..omsairam.

  5. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

  6. Dear Devotee,

    I understand you are severe pain and you are feeling that Baba is not showering his blessings at you.

    With the permission of Sai baba, i would say that "the fact that you have connected us through this website means that you are under his supervision" All the people who have responded and who have read your post have coonected your pain as they believe in sai baba. So please donot consider that he is not seeing you. You would be underestimating him by thinking that way.

    You should feel he is always with you and standing behind you and carry on your work. Then you can face any miserable situation be it bad language or behaviour.

    May you should try and talk to them in person (one on one) and convey your pain and tell them that you are ready to change/improve your skills and say that you need their help in achieving them. If they are sensible they would understand.

    Further, may be Sai baba wants to make you much more brave so that you can face other challenges in life.

    Considering sai baba is with you, no body can harm you. All the pains you are facing are due to your previous karma. Sai baba will wait untill you show the patience and faith in him and finally relieve you.

    Finally remember one thing, if you consider yourself as a devotee of Sai baba, your faith in him would give you bliss and confidence to achieve anything and this bliss will be more dominant than your pains.

    Currently you are feeling more pains than having faith in him. I recommend you to read satcharithra in a week ( 2 to 3 times). see his miracles

    Jai sai ram!!

  7. I also face this situation. but Baba save me from that situation. Now I am in gud working place. Janani u must have faith and patience on Baba. Every day u chant sai kasta nivarana mantra. It will save u from any difficult situations. This is told by me by grace if Baba only. Om sairam

  8. Baba , please help dear Sai sister ..She really needs you.

  9. Dear devotee, please have faith on Baba. You will achieve something good and blaming and rude behavior will go very soon. Even I faced the same tough situation in my office after getting the job with Baba's blessings. But I too prayed Baba to relief me. Finally, my impression got changed in office and with Baba's blessings I got promoted to a high position.

    So, I have faith and do pray Baba every day.