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Baba You Are The Only Hope - Anonymous Devotee

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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee from India: I am a girl with lots of love on Shiridi Sai. I am a devotee from past 10 Yrs". Why fear, when I am here". Thanks for Hetal JI and his team for this wonderful job. This is a great platform for all Sai Devotees to share miracles of Baba which increases faith in all of us. Sainath, You are the strength to all Your devotees. Whenever I am in trouble I used to resolve somehow because of our Sai Baba. I am writing this not to share my experience but asking my Baba to solve my problem. Baba one of my senior approached me after our college days and told that he wants to marry me. I am so scared that my parents don’t like all these things. He is well settled guy and working in abroad and I am also working in Bangalore. So I told my mom immediately the next day of his proposal. My mom accepted as we both belongs to same community and even our Jathakas are matching and even our job profile is same.

Then he told that he will ask his parents decision. He asked his parents then his father not accepted. We used to speak in phone for more than 6 months, he asked his father for four times but he is not accepting. Finally one month back he told me that he is going to leave me because he don’t want to cross his father’s words. Baba I can’t live without him and even he likes me very much. Baba I am very much depressed. You are the only hope for me now. Please help me to marry him. Make his parents to accept our love. If I made mistakes knowingly are unknowingly please forgive me Baba. If my desires fulfils I will come to Your Shiridi and also I will post my experience again in this blog. I am sure that You are going to help me and solve my problem. Please help me Baba. You are the only strength to all Your devotees. Please bless my family and also all Your devotees with good health and Happiness. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai. “Om Shiridi Vasaaya Vidmahe Sachidhaa Nandaaya Dhimahe Thanno Sai Prachodayath”.

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  1. Dear
    BABA sai

    Omsairam bless the girl to get married to boy she loves.grace upon boy father to accept girl as his son beautifull wife.bless both of them happy married lyf .

    Yours son
    Rohit Kumar tiwary

  2. Have Faith and He shall bring happiness and joy to your life :)

    Jai Sairam

  3. Dear devotee

    Please do nav guruvar vrat. If you already did it then do it once more. Its a miracle vrat and our kind Baba will definitely help you find peace and give you what you deserve and desire in life :)

  4. I sincerely wish that you get what is good with the blessings of Sai baba. At times you might not percieve things in aright way when your wants exceeds beyond everything. Dont worry you will get the right thing.

    Looking at your problem, i somehow feel that if the guy had sincerly loved you, i think he cannot backoff just because his father didnot agree.

    We all fight the circumstances in different ways. If we backoff then we will not succeed in our goals, aspirations. I think that guy is too comfortable at his standpoint and i feel he is ok in not marrying you and obeying his father rather than loving you and wanting you.

    This situation of you should either change him as a person streching out and convincing for what he really feels is important or you realising that what you percieve maynot always be right. there is something greater good that Sai baba is planning for you which you maynot percieve now due to your stressed condition.

    Just have strong faith in baba feet and forget all this disturbances and read stacharithra in a week. you will get a solution from Sai baba.

    Jai sai ram!!

  5. Baba please accept this devotee's ardent plea for a happy married life...
    Om Sai Ram

  6. Please bless her Sai Maa..