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Please Forgive Me Baba - Anonymous Sai Devotee

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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee from UAE: Dear Baba, this is not my experience, I want You to forgive me, and last time also I asked You the same for my mistakes.

Now also the same I’m asking, You know well that I and my friend, we both got separated, and we will never talk each other again in our life, because we disliked each other to the most of the core. You only know what happened exactly between us, she is blaming me and I’m blaming her, that’s it. But I felt she became so jealous , pride, maintaining image etc., but I knew her since 2012. She was not like this before, I agree before we were only two in a room, so we never had any disputes but now I brought her to UAE, and helped her everything as much I could in Dubai, but although there are few mistakes from my side also. I agree it. But I never thought about this situation before, because this is my first time doing this much help to someone, but now I learned a huge lesson in my lesson to not to help anyone to the core, at last they will become ungrateful to us, so it’s waste of time. I’m a 23 years old girl, she is 26 years, but once upon a time we were close, but now. I hate her too much for her behavior with me also as well as with others also. She is thinking only she is in the world, caring only herself, I had so many troubles because of her. Still going through. Anyway I believe it’s You who separated us. I accept it, but I want to ask You one thing, how she became ungrateful to me like this? How she forgot all those past things that I did for her? How could she talk and behave with me like this? Really I got shocked Baba. You know well how much I suffered and felt bad. All my friends blamed me only Baba. You know my heart crying everyday. But I want to apologize to You, that I taunted her as she has no parents, it’s my mistake. Baba, please forgive me (she has parents, but they both got another marriage and did not support her for anything) Because I know for all the people, who has no parents, You will be there for them, sure. So please forgive me for what I said. I should not have said like that. Really I didn’t mean that. But really Baba, I never seen anyone in my life like her so jealous, pride, etc., even though she doesn’t have anyone to help her. I advised her more but all in vain, couldn’t change her, but I want her to get a lesson for her ungratefulness to me. I hope You will give it. But forgive me Baba, and remove my guilty as well as hatred from my heart on her, now I’m always thinking on her, just one more week for me to shift from this room, later I hope I will forget everything. But please make me to forget her completely in my life and don’t let my heart to say or curse anything about her helpless situation or she doesn’t have parents, etc., because I know for all the people in angry, they will talk everything , me too the same human being but later I realize I should not have talked like that, because I am afraid You will give me punishment for talking like this, so please forgive me Baba. Make me forget everything, teach her a lesson, make her to go to India, because I feel myself idiot until she is in UAE , because these all I gave her, so please send her back to India.

Hereafter I will take care my life and let her take care of herself, that’s it. I never will want to know anything about her. Please give me strength to forget everything and not to scold or curse her. Because You are here, You know what to do for everyone. I believe You completely, please forgive me Baba. I realized my mistake that I should not have said that “She is more pride and worst behaving even though she doesn’t have parents. If she has everything like us, then we can’t stand equal to her, because she will behave more better than us, and that’s why God made her life like this and gave her too much troubles and helpless situation”. I know Baba it’s not nice from me, please forgive me for saying like this, I am afraid of You, please don’t punish me, I will never say it again. I will never mention that she has no parents. Please forgive me for this word, and don’t let my mouth say it again. Please even though in angry. Anyway Baba, thanks for this lesson in my life. Please forgive me, and make our life prosperous wherever we are, and take care of her also though she doesn’t believe You. Om Sai Ram, please forgive me for everything, I completely surrender myself to You. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Please read through what you have written. You are asking Him to teach others a lesson. It is sad. I pray to Him so you can rewrite this, wishing nothing but peace to everyone. Remember, what you wish for others can become yours.

    I know it is difficult but hope you let go of your anger and write another note asking for prayers.

    Jai Sairam

  2. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

  3. Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

  4. Dear Devotee,

    I think you are showing lot of vengeance on her. What Sai baba says is that we need to forgive everyone and not carry any enimity based on his Veerabhadhrappa and Chinabasavaapa story in sai satcharithra. Further, he also says that one who criticises others is like torturing sai, so never critcise anyone. In sai satcharithra, when veerabhadhrappa criticised then sai said to himself "Allah Malik" and laughed off the situation. He led by an example how we need to deal with tough people.

    I would suggest you to concentrate on sai baba feet and read sai satcharithra in one week.

    Remember sai baba will never punish his devotees and please dont pray just to avoid punishment, this insecurity means that you have never understood him completely.

    Jai sai ram!!

  5. O Deva, bless this person with thoughts, words and actions that only do bring out the good and do good to the people around.

    Jai Sairam

  6. Dear Devotees, this is my post and my words. I apologize with you all for my words, but however you don't know my situation, how much I hate life by being foolish. I did for her everything but at last she showed her real face to me, but even though I am controlling myself to not to do any harm for her, I lost my money and peace too, now only I could realize her, so I feel I was a fool for four years to do everything for her, really I hate these kind of ungrateful people, even for birds and animals can be grateful to those things that helped them, but in my life first time I am seeing such a personality like her. I am not criticizing with baba but the only thing I asked him to get me out of this mind. Nobody talking with her and she doesnt even pray to god but I am nto saying that god is not with her, god is everywhere with everyone I believe it but till she is here I remember the same things that I gave her everything. I changed her career, family, her life style and also giving money for more than 100 times, but once I stopped giving money, then she started to show me her real face. So its all my mistakes only, so that I prayed baba, and that too not even to hurt her, she is also already prepared to go to India and hate to be here because her company terminated her for her character. She wants to be with her boyfriend only. So only I prayed baba, if she goes she also will be happy and I also will be happy.

    Anyway sorry for everyone that commented here about my prayer. I apologize you for my words if it hurts you.

  7. Dear devotee - looks like you both have gone through a tough time. Let the anger in you go , do not give importance to anger. Try to meditate. Whatever has happened, happenned. Do not resent ... Take it as a lesson and move on. Pray to Sai and ask him to bless you with peace of mind.