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Begging For Baba's Blessings - Sai Devotee Janani

Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers From Sai Sister Janani from India: Hello everyone, Om Sai Ram. I am a small devotee of Baba. I was an unlucky person in life who wouldn’t get anything in life as per the wish. I love my father very much but I lost him when I was in 5th standard. After that my mom suffered a lot to take care of me and my brother. At last I completed my degree with flying colours but didn’t get a perfect job. I always wanted to be a good daughter but there will always be some differences between me and my mom. Often I think that my mother loves my brother than me because she used to dominate me before him which I don’t like. Being an unemployed person I lost my self respect before everyone, even before my mom. None will respect you if we are useless, even the person you love won’t respect you in this society. In this situation only I came under the shadow of beloved Baba. Baba gave everything to me but it didn’t last for even six month because of my wrong decision and not hearing Baba's words. Again I suffered like before and lost everything.

I always wanted to do Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat but for some reason I couldn’t complete them properly. Also I made a vow that I will do sugar candy vrat but in that also I failed. During the vrat we have to collect the sugar that we offer to Baba daily and should not use it. Baba will collect it from you in any form. But my mom used the sugar that I had collected. I was very upset when I came to know this. I fail in everything whatever I do in my life. Also I forgot the promise made to Baba regarding posting the experience. These things are bothering me that Baba is unhappy with me and hence I can’t do anything properly. Please Baba forgive me for everything and bless me in my life. I am trying for government job almost from three years but I fail drastically every time. I have only three months time and within that I want to get a job, otherwise my mom would arrange for my marriage. I am in love with one person for 7 years but mom and brother don't like that guy. They are against me and my brother is threatening me if I talk to that guy he would kill him. I don’t know what I have to do now. There is darkness around me. Please do something Baba. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Oh Sai, I really want to help you my sister only if I had job,and you are right no one respect you if you are not employed .. not even your family but trust baba and get rid of your bad habits one by one and baba will definitely help you, it's happening with me, still walking through hell but I'll be out and I know how dark it feels to be in your situation and if I could help I would btw I cleared one exam and hopefully get job soon, salarie's not good(probationary perio) but it's something, please have faith and be good like don't talk rudely to anyone and get rid of bad habits and yyou'll see the change, mail me if you need to talk ds161851@Gmail