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Please Baba Give A Job To My Brother - Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee from UAE: Dear Devotees, I pray for my brother. He is trying more and looking hard to get a job. He is from Mechanical Engineering. We tried a lot but nothing is working out. He is getting more calls but at last ending with disappointment. He almost lost all his confidence. An agent contacted him and said him there is a job in Gulf country and my brother sent all his documents. He accepted and asked money and his passport. But as I am also staying in Gulf, I know all these procedures how they are giving visas, etc., so I advised him to ask an Offer Letter from the company first. After a week, he gave one fake offer letter, I had a doubt about it but the next day I called this company and asked about this offer letter, they denied and said its completely fake and we are not responsible for fraudulent issues.

Then my family and my brother denied this offer and did not give any money to that agent and we said the obvious reason that it is fake. But he called us and argued with us and said, they are providing manpower for more countries since ten years, not possible to make this fake. We simply said them that sorry we don’t want this job. Then I prayed Baba and posted my prayer on August 5 to give a job for my brother and my cousin brother also. Again after a week, this agent again called my brother and asked, I give you visa , would you believes us now? Until then we no need your money or passport, but once you receive visa and tickets, you must it ok? My brother said, ya ok. But I feel this time will be fine, because no one can provide duplicate visa for another countries, because we can check visas with with immigration department or with embassy and once they issue the visa, I will call the company and ask them directly. So I said my family and to my brother, this time everything will be ok with Baba’s blessings. We agreed this offer even though it is for very less salary, because, at least he will know his life and responsibilities. That agent said us, this week his visa will come and be ready. So in my family, all are expecting this, it is a great turning point in his life in all the way. Somehow I advised and taught him a lot, and he is confident now. I believe that only Baba made this, now we don’t want the answer for that fake offer letter as it is really fake or not. Because I know some cases as I also was working in an overseas manpower consultancy before four years. Sometimes, this job is true and everything ok but the company will not give any offer letter for less salary workers, so that time we will make one fake photo shop offer letter to make the candidate believe that he received an offer letter from the company where he is going to work. Then we will start the visa and tickets process, I personally had sent more than fifty persons like this. But we can’t play with fake visas. But now he said he will give visa to my brother, so we all are waiting and exciting also. But I pray Baba, this time it should be true, please Baba even though we have more financial issues, somehow we should arrange money for agent fee. But please make this fee less than we expected.

We believe only You, now my brother also started to believe You, reading Sai Satcharitra and asking me Your holy ashes and bracelets with Your picture…I hope You have pulled him towards You..Thank You so much Baba. Please change him completely, still he should more knowledge about his work and communication skills, I surrender him under Your feet, please change him . Please make this offer work out, don’t disappoint us now also..Please Baba, be with all, wipe our tears. We have now only this chance, we are believing. Please give him this job, keep him safe wherever he goes and whatever he does. Give him good friends and good surrounding of company. You have to make him as a perfect man. Please devotees pray for my brother to get this job successfully and move to the other country without any hurdles. Once it is done, I will post this miracle which has done with only Baba’s grace. And we are waiting for my cousin brother also, but still he can’t receive any jobs, please give him a job, he is also trying so hard. Please Baba, show on him Your mercy. He is my elder cousin brother, he is the only one should take care his family but still he is searching a job, please give him too. Om Sai Ram

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  1. May He bless you and your family with health, happiness and success.

    Jai Sairam