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Prayer for Happy Family - Sai Devotee Neha

Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Devotee Neha: Hello. This is Neha. One of the devotees since my 10th std. I am already married now. Feels helpless many a times. I am given to a very rich family and very handsome husband. Though everything is there I lack freedom. Ugly truth is that i feel too bad because I am not happy. Is this the life??? Always nodding head to in-laws orders? It’s a village where i am being given. I feel so drastic change from my early life. To be frank, never i wished for so rich family but i always wanted the family like ours. Although i belong to middle class i had much freedom; freedom in the sense my parents gave me everything that i wanted. I am a very sincere kind of girl, was too good at academics too.They had privileged me to work also. As being independent and working makes me feel happy. I strongly believe happiness is everything. I wanted to be independent but after marriage I feel like everything is so much suffocating. I want Baba's blessing for this. The thing which I didn’t want to happen soon happened. I conceived soon. Though i myself feel am so childish and can’t handle but I could not help in that case also. Its already 6th month running now, again some kind of pressure from husband, he want boy only. Is it in my hand??? I could guess from usg that its "female". Felt too bad, what can I do?? Will Baba help to get out of this?? I am too frustrated after marriage, I am so helpless many a times :( :( please Baba I seek for Your blessings.

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  1. Dear sister, Tell your husband that in men there will be pair of X and Y chromosomes. In women there will be X and X. If Y of Man combines with X of woman then XY again gives a boy. If X of Man combines with X of woman this gives a girl. So it is in man's hands not women. People not knowing science blame women for a girl child. Consult your gynaecologist and ask her to explain this to ur husband.

  2. tis is what happens when some indian women blindly marry a guy without asking him right questions and not having courage to say no for marriage to wrong men and be very careful who u marry....applies to both indian man and woman, indian women, if u r not finding right man who agrees with your principles, say no to wrong man instead of jumping into marriage at whoever comes forward !! this woman will have to bear the brunt throughout her life or divorce n look for divorcee !!...god can only guide so much is in your own hands what u do with some sixth sense u r getting in ur head,....wrong to blame god after that...THIS HUSBAND of yours will never change ...God can only give some direction ..u shud have talked to this man before marriage instaed of just jumping into marriage with him

  3. Dear Puja, enjoy your pregnanacy. With baba's blessing your husband will love the child with all his heart. Stay happy, its good you are having baby soon so you will stay busy and keep your mind off little problems. Every girl has a difficult first year but slowly you will make a place in your house. Just make sure you dont complain to your husband and he falls in love with you completely. Rest will all follow..... Freedom and happiness. Hang in there. You are not alone.Sai is with you.

  4. Sai's blessings on Ur way, be cool and leave everything to Baba, I understand being cool is not possible in this situation atleast don't leave chanting Sai rest he will take care , keep smile om Sri Sai ram

  5. I am sure He has heard Your prayers and brought a drastic change to your life :)

    Jai Sairam

  6. Baba bless you sister Neha, praying that things fall in place and you get all that your heart desires, BABA bless you with a healthy child and a happy family. Please keep reading Sai Satcharitra and all will be surely well. Aum Sai Ram !

  7. Newbie2tech@gmail.comAugust 06, 2017 9:09 am

    Neha ji,

    Stop worrying and feeling bad...its important u keep yourself happy and joyful as you state of mind will bear an impact on the baby....start reading satcharitra 15 chapter daily along with 1 regular chapter ...things will fall in place...just do it without worrying and u wuld b surprised how baba creates magic

  8. Sister, we always get what we deserve not what we want. So please accept your situation as karmic balance and ask Baba to help you sail through it without creating more karmas. BABA SAYS IF YOU accept WHAT YOU ARE FACING without complaining such Person is dear to Him. Aceept ept your situation as Baba's Prasad and life will reward you. Baba's blessing is with you.