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Prayer For Justice - Sai Devotee Moumita

Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Sai Sister Moumita : Respected All, I am Moumita ,(basically a native of West Bengal), presently residing in Hyderabad, Telangana, through this prayer forum, request all your benign selves to pray for a justice for my mother ( a cardiac patient and had undergone balloon angioplasty surgery last year) and me, who experienced these extremely painful incidents in their lives after my only sibling's untimely demise in June,2012. I lost my father long back in 1990. I keep this prayerful intention in the name of my father and brother. OM SAI RAM

Seeking justice for all the injustices done to us by Karthikeyan Rajamani Amirthavalli aka R.A.Karthikeyan, (Father: P.A.Rajamani and Mother: C R Amirthavalli ) residing at Tatabad, Gandhipuram at Coimbatore and at Thiruvanmiyur in Chennai and working as a tech lead in Wipro, Chennai. He introduced himself to us as Ramesh Arvind in September 2012 ,staying in Tokyo( whereas in real life he was there for onsite on behalf of Wipro ) and working as software consultant. Does not GOD know how he got married to Viji Subramanian cheating a bereaved family who had lost their only son just two months back when this Karthikeyan aka Ramesh Arvind sent the marriage proposal telling all lies about his name,parents , native and everything ! Can anyone imagine, somebody is making his alive parents dead !

After several emotional exchanges,he told that he would be visiting Hyderabad on 29 Dec,2012 and meet me and fix everything. And then on the said date, he did not turn up. I had to come back from the airport with an anxious heart . Before that he was telling that there was some problem going on in his office. Few people had been fired. We thought , he might have got stuck with some serious issues and kept on praying steadfastly for his protection. My mother and myself visited Shirdi in Sept,2013 and then, on 9 Dec,2013 I got a call from him. He told that he returned to India in October. He was in Singapore . He was not working ,was out of job. He told ,if he didn't get a job here in India, he would be heading towards UK where his only brother was settled.( in reality, his brother,Praveen Kumar Rajamani,is working in Bangalore as a tech lead in Mindtree ) Things just passed on like this.

I kept fasting after fasting for his job settlement and mental peace.I did nine Thursdays' vrat, visited Shirdi in May,2014 again with my mother and visited Tirupati in June,2014. Thereafter in July, 2014 he was agreed to meet me in Chennai. I only got to know some facts after my visit to Chennai . But God knows all . HE knows the truth what exactly happened. What human eyes did not see, GOD had seen all. HE knows who was staying in Karthikeyan's Chennai Apartment, what she was doing there before June 12,2013 ( The day when they got married at KODUMANAL ARULMIGU THANGAMMAN TEMPLE, THAMMARETTY PALAYAM. ).As I got to see that woman's handwriting in petty cash expenditure book from the month of Jan,2013 to August,2013 . If they did not know each other before , then what that woman was doing at his Chennai Apartment before June,2013 ? LORD knows how he promised us. Then how come the marriage could take place in front of God in the temple ! Nobody has any right to play with anyone's life, especially a fatherless and a brother less girl. Who gave him the right to make false promises of marriage to a helpless girl ? Did LORD not watch how Karthikeyan tied the knot cheating a fatherless and a brother less !

LORD, You have seen all my tears. You know my pain.Coming September, it's going to be four years now LORD. We are yet to receive any justice O LORD. But the wrongdoer is enjoying all the blessings and happiness of family life in Coimbatore and Chennai( now blessed with a baby boy in Dec,2015). I really can't utter any words. I just write with a hope that there will be an answer for all the injustices done to us since September,2012. I have not sought justice from any human being..What a human can do in front of YOU ! YOU are the supreme judge. So I did not go to any police station to lodge a complaint of fraudulence, instead ,surrendered everything unto your feet seeking your intervention O LORD...but until now, nothing is in favor of us. My physically ill mother ( had undergone balloon angioplasty surgery last year due to all these stress, turmoils ) is continually thinking of me what will happen to me when she won't be in this mortal world anymore. It's too much hurting Baba. We are yet to receive any justice. Is there no justice in your kingdom , Baba ! Will you not listen to our agonizing prayer ! We need your mercy. We need your grace . Om Sai Ram

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  1. don't worry..his karma will catch up with him n he will suffer a lot for his wrong-doings

  2. I pray for you sister. Sai ma will bless you and your mother 🙏. Om Sai ram .

  3. Om Sai Ram please baba bless this family be with them protect them, Love you baba

  4. Respected Hetalji,

    Thank you for taking the burden to publish my prayer request on your blog. I feel blessed that BABA gave an opportunity to share my experience with Sai devotees. In this regard, I would like to bring something into your notice. This prayer request I wrote one year back.In this one year, merciful BABA has shown HIS wonderful Leelas and revealed some facts.
    Baba informed that Karthikeyan was already stuck in some bad debts , one of his relatives owed money from him ( it was a huge loan) and He went abroad to work hard to repay his loan. And also somewhere in his mind , was a wish to raise a separate family on his own as he never liked marrying within family members. ( marrying 1st cousin). So he was in the matrimony site where he came in contact with me and was seeing match on his own. While returning to India,from his onsite, those relatives started a huge quarrel and asked him to return the money.He was ready to pay what he had in his hand, but they were not ready to listen to him. His parents did not support him. They demanded the entire amount. Money was just an instrument. Their main aim was to give their indecent looking daughter ( who is his cousin and was still unmarried at the age of 29, mostly South Indians marry at an early age) in marriage to him.So they used whatever cruel ways they could. And there was no other option except surrendering to their crooked deal.
    I have no words to say. They are still torturing him in whatever way they can, taking full control of him. It's not that, he's not repaying their money. He is doing that. BABA, being there, how come people fight in the name of money, caste,creed and religion ! They worship BABA's idol and humiliate humans in the name of materialistic things ! People don't feel shame to do that !
    Is GOD confined in any place ? HE lives in man's heart. To serve man, is to serve GOD. I really don't have any words to say.My eyes become full of tears when I see people doing all these kind of heinous things, like honor killing ( inter caste or inter religion marriage etc etc.) and I just stare at BABA ,with my eyes full of tears. I really do not have any words BABA. I just pray BABA, May he get an answer for all the injustices done to him, YOU being there, May You protect him always from all the crooked plans of the devil and keep him in good health as he met with a serious accident in Kuala Lumpur last year.
    I pray this in YOUR precious name. AMEN.AMEN and AMEN.

  5. Maybe heis still lying just don'tt him fully, all we can do is becomea good person and help othersbutt please please don't fall for him again even if is not lying