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Prayers For Sister’s Marriage - Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from US: Om Sri Sainathaya Namah! I am a very small devotee of our Sainath. I know our Baba since my childhood. My parents are very great devotees of our Baba. By Sai's grace am blessed with baby boy who is 3 years old now. Thanks a lot to Hetalji and team for carrying out this prestigious work which helps us to build unshakable faith in our Baba and move on in life. Coming to my family I have 1 brother and 1 sister. By Baba's grace my brother got job in IT field. By Sainath's blessing only my husband got on-site opportunity here in US.

It's been 6 years I got married and my parents are searching for a good match for my sister to get married. Once a very good alliance came. But my sister did not like that guy. My father upon relative’s pressure told yes to that guy family against my sister's wish. By the fear that my parents will get her married to that guy she left home without telling anyone and was blamed by all our relatives. That time she was very much interested in doing job and was seriously preparing for NET exam (govt. job for junior lecturers and professors). When she left home, she went to hostel and was out of contact for 4 days. By 5th day she called me and we were all relaxed and thanked Baba that she was safe. She secured 9th rank in NET exam. She finally got good job with good salary. She continued her job for 8 months and lost it. When she was working my parents also did not bother her much for matches. But as her age is growing my parents started getting worried and are searching matches but no good match is fixed till now. But we have strong faith in Sainath. My parents had been to Shirdi also and it has been 1 year. Nothing is working out. I did nav Guruvar Vrat and completed parayan by distributing Prasad and Baba’s books. No match is fixed yet. I have started again nav Guruvar Vrat of Baba. Completed my 3rd week. Done with Sri Sai Satcharitra parayan and completed it in 1 week. Waiting for Baba's blessing to bless my sister with good match. I request all my dear Sai brothers and sisters on behalf of my parents also, please remember my sister in your prayers for her marriage. Om Sri Sainathaya Namah!

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  1. May He bless you and yours with happiness and joy :)

    Jai Sairam

  2. Om sairam,

    Please don't worry, your Sister will get married to a good person by Lord Baba's Merciful Grace. Have faith and keep reading Holy Sai Satcharita.
    Om sairam Jai sairam