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Please Fulfil My Prayer Baba - Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Thanks to Hetalji for making this platform. Dear Sai Ram, how’re You? It’s been a long time that I sent You prayer right. But You know well that You’re with me every moment and I’m thinking of You always. Baba, You’re the only close friend for me, I feel there’s no distance between You and me. Now also You know well that why I’m like this now.

Baba, I felt that guy You sent for me, as he only approached me first through matrimony. Later I liked him too, but why he is like this of character? He is looking smart, good job, good family, everything is fine, but I want his character to suit me well. Sai Ram, I don’t know I’m doing right or wrong, there’re still many problems ahead, I hope our horoscope is almost matching as I checked online. But this guy is not talking to me nicely, I don’t know then why contacted me for marriage. For last one month I feel a mess with my mind, always I’m thinking about him only, because I like him, I want us to be friends, I can’t marry someone suddenly, I want to laugh, talk, play, walk with him, I’ve many things to share and ask him as well. I want to make love with him. You know well about me, I’m very sensitive, but he seems like a take it easy character. Why Baba like this? Then why You showed him to me? I feel something bad that he is not interested in me, he doesn’t like me. Even he is not messaging, calling m then how can I marry him? Not possible Baba. I ask You to change him, make me like him and make him to like me as well. You know that I’ve completed three weeks of Nav Guru Vrat and why I’m doing it. Please fulfil my wishes. Please give me a chance to meet him once, then I’ll decide firmly whether I need him or not. But really I like him Baba, but I can’t say and I feel it’s not nice I say it, because he seems not interested. Please Baba, I beg You, show a way to my life, make him to be friend with me, make my life with him, he should proceed everything, he should like me first. Please Baba fulfil it before my vrat gets completed. I hope for it Baba, my first invitation is for You only, we both should come to You. If You don’t, then I will assume that he is not the guy You made for me. Please Baba, stop me from my thinking, get my mind out from his thinking. Make me concentrate on something else. Please Baba. Om Sai Ram.

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