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Sai Baba Is Everything To Me - Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Hi all, I am a believer of my Lord Sai Who is my everything. Thank you for the founders of this website. I am working for a MNC company in Bangalore. I live with my parents and my brother. My family is a great devotee of Sai. Since a long time I am a devotee of Sai. My day starts with Sai and ends with Sai. This is a first time I am writing on this website. It’s not an experience but a prayer request to Sai through this website.

Sai has done so many miracles to so many devotees and me to as well. Where ever I go my Sai follows and takes care of me and my loved ones and I want His blessings to be showered always on my loved ones, me and all devotees. From few years and months I am going through a very tough phase in my life. I don’t know why Sai is testing me such in life. I have surrendered myself and life to the holy feet of Sai. I have trust and have faith in Him. But still Sai has not accepted me as His child and He is only testing me to the core. I have read Sai Satcharitra 2 times within 7 days. I am doing Sai Nav Guruvrat and reading Sai Satcharitra daily, I regularly go to Sai temple on Thursdays. But still Sai is not showing mercy on me. I am not sure where am I going wrong. I don't feel like living. I am a trouble for everyone I feel. I thought Baba will answer my prayers. But no I don't see any positive signs from Him. May be Baba doesn't want to accept me as His child. I have lost hopes that my prayers will be answered. Please devotees pray for me and ask Sai to answer my prayers and solve my problems. Sai You know everything what I am going through. I am pleading You Sai if You fulfil my wishes and solve the issues, I will post the miracles which would happen in my life. I love You Sai.

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  1. If you love Him, have faith. Think as He is answering your prayers. Lose the negativity. Try and He will bless you and yours with peace and happiness and whatever you ask Him for.

    Jai Sairam

  2. Hi all I'm here to share my wonderfull experience from our father sai .
    I was pregant and it is almost ddlivery date is reached .As i afraid to take c-section ,myself and my husband planned to wait for normal. It was thursday and day started as usual and my husband went office . From the morning i had mild back pain . We thought mau be it was because of weight gain . I applied creams and taken rest . I had my lunch in the afternoon but in the afternoon im restless and could not sleep. So I planned to watch tv for sometime. I switched on the tv and it was a tamil film on sai . I started watching baba's movie later when i changed channels in all channels i could see baba's show arti,bhajan and movies. So i thought to walk slowely and visit a baba's temple nead my home as I had pain from morning my mother little afraid of me to walk to the temple. But somehow i got courage and i convinced to accompany me to the temple. We started and i walked really very slow and sonehow i reached temple and saw our baba nicely and got a chocolate from the priest. We started back home and i came by walking solwly. We reached home and i had my dinner well. Suddenly pain increased to the core and im startwd crying. We rushed to the hospital and without much pain , i delivered a boy baby in 2 to 3 hours and it is sai born to me as a child. My joy knew no bounds. How i could describe his blessings. We are very happy now and we named my little baba as SAI . Thank you so much baba im nothing without you.
    Please be with us in all difficulties