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Baba Please Give Me A Job - Sai Devotee Padma

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Sai Devotee Padma from India:Thank you Hetalji for this wonderful platform for sharing our experiences. I live in USA and have been patiently waiting to share my experience here, but I have not yet found a job, so I am sharing my prayers here.

Baba, it has been so long. I am very desperate for a job, please help. I know I made a mistake quitting from the job as another company promised me a job. I was too arrogant and proud of myself so I left the job I had which was paying so much. I was selfish Baba, never thought what impact it would have on my family Please forgive me. What can I do now, I am going back to the same company and asking many contacts there to help me find a job but I am not getting a single interview call. The manager who once called me and gave me a poster of Yours has many open positions, but he is not even talking to me. Why is that? He went to Shirdi and said he got the poster for me. Baba, please why is he doing that? Can’t You change his mind and see if he can get me a job.

I threw away the job which I had for 20 years, What got into my head I don't know, just arrogance and pride. Baba punish me if you will but please don't punish my family who is suffering because of my actions. I know I have not been a good person,I failed as a daughter, as a sibling, as a wife and as a mother. But Please forgive me and help me get a job in my old company. I consulted astrologers and they said it is hard to get a job for me. Baba You can negate all the astrology as You did in the case of the student who was told he would not pass the exams. Please do that for me Baba, I promise I will change my ways and be nice. I need Your help and blessings. Can’t You forgive this child of Yours, can You not help me.I don't know how else to pray to You other than chanting Your names and thinking of You incessantly. Tell me what I should do Baba. Please please help me. Can someone share how to do the Sai Divya pooja that has been mentioned many a time on this site.

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  1. May He bless you and yours with happiness and peace.

    Jai Sairam


  3. your anger, be calm be good and youll see signs OM SAI RAM