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Sai Be With Me - Anonymous Sai Devotee


Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Hetal ji thank you so much for your website. It really motivates us to believe in Sai. Hetalji I really need your prayers also because I am going through with really a bad time.

It is about my marriage. I got married in 2013. Now I have a 2 year son. In starting all was going very well. He loved me but as time passed I started feeling a huge change in this person. He became follower of peace of mind but slowly, slowly he became arrogant. He started abusing. He treated me like a servant, even disrespected my parents when they came to resolve it. He never went to my relative’s house, never talked to any of them. He even did not care about our son. He is very good with everyone in the world except me and my family. Now he started biting me. I am really fed up. Then I started Sai vrat and continuing it with the hope that may be he will become good. I just ask Sai that whatever is good for me Sai You know well, I will accept it. After seeing his changing behaviour, I started concentrating on my studies. I am preparing for banking but after taking care of house and baby its really difficult to concentrate on studies that's why still I have not cleared any of the exams but still I am trying because I don't have option Hetalji. My parents are not that much financially strong. I really want to get out of this. Hetalji he is like an animal with me. I have never seen any emotional attachment towards me, he ignores me. He did not spend a penny on me. I used to give tuition to fulfil my needs. I wanted to take help from mother- in-law or sisters- in-law but they are not ready to believe in me. They are ready to point finger at me with many accusations like I'm quarrelsome in nature. I really need to get out of it but with clean characters. Really it will matter when I will start living alone. I really want Sai that no one should point finger at me and my family because I have one sister and brother. This might affect their lives Hetalji. Please pray for me to get government job soon and get me out of this hell with a clean character. Still I will say Sai do as You want, I don’t know about my future but You do whatever is good for me. Do it Sai. Om Sai Ram please fulfill my wishes. I am doing today 9th Sai vrat and hoping that I will crack SBI clerk preliminary exam as well as mains and get the job by God’s grace. Hetalji when it will happen I will share my experience. Sai Be With Me Sai, I really need Your help.

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  1. Baba, please bless this devotee. No one should go through what she is going through. If she is quarrelsome in nature, there has to be a reason. Please help her.OmSaiRam

  2. May He bless you and yours with His Grace, peace and happiness.

    Jai Sairam