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Prayer Request To Clear All The Misunderstandings - Anonymous Sai Devotee


Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: I am an ardent devotee of Sai Baba. I have been praying to Him from past 7 years now. Baba has helped me through so many ups and downs. Recently I was suffering from urinary infection and I was very scared suspecting it to be something major. I started putting Udi and having it daily morning and within three days without any medications it got alright. Likewise I have many other experiences also.

I am requesting all the misunderstandings between me and my lover to get solved. Please don’t post my name and email id. I loved a man and he also loved me so much. Recently we had a lot of misunderstandings and quarrels and he left me. It’s my firm belief Baba that there is nothing impossible for You. I have been praying so hard from the past few weeks. It’s only this belief that I have on You that You will make this all alright and it is keeping me going and giving me strength. Please Baba make it happen Baba. Om Sairam.

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  1. May He bless you and yours with happiness and peace.

    Jai Sairam