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Baba, Please Sell Our House - Anonymous Sai Devotee


Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA: I am Baba's devotees for many years and run to Him for every single problem. Baba, You know that we tried to sell our house 2 years ago and could not sell and we lost close to $50,000. We have again put it on the market 2 days ago. Already many people have come to see it. Baba, let one or two of them like the house and make an offer to buy it. Please Baba. 

Last time I prayed to You to come and rent the house at least and You did. Within a few days a family of three came and rented our home. Baba, this time too please come and buy our house. 

I pray that an older couple comes and buys our house. Baba, can You please come in their form and buy the house Baba. Please help. I promise I will post here immediately if we get an offer for the house. Also as I promised I will do 108 pradakshanam (rounds) of You in the temple here. Please Baba, I beg You! Please come and buy the house. Om SaiRam!

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