Prayers will be taken to Shirdi on March 20, 2009

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Since many months posts like ‘Prayers will be taken to Shirdi‘ and ‘Prayers reaching Shirdi‘ are being posted on this blog. Day by day many Sai devotees and active surfers on the net stepped forward to help me in this seva. This service is has been readily accepted by Sai Baba and it is proved by the very fact that the number and frequency of such posts are increasing day by day.

Over and above this, it must be noticed that this service is not to share my responsibility nor a direct servie to Baba too. This is service to humanity !!! Devotee who takes the prayers put in much efforts to club all the prayers, take its print outs and carry them. In one case I received a mail from a devotee that he did not have printer so he was ready to write the prayers and take to Shirdi. Even more devotees have taken the initiative to make list of all devotees whose prayers were received and send it in acknowledgement mails. I really appreciate this step which even I did not think of. This physical pain, of course, has no value in front of the blessings which he/she gets from Baba by doing this service to humanity.

The devotee, not only takes prayers of many other devotees to Shirdi, but also prays for them. Baba likes unbounded and selfless love and attachment, what can be more selfless that praying for an unknown person whom you have never seen or met, just through one mail you are attached to him. Moreover in many thanks giving mails, they pass on Baba’s blessings for this noble deed and in a way they all pray for that devotee too. Baba wants that such unbounded bonds of love to spread in His world and thus this service is a small step in the direction of walking on His suggested path. In this way we are able to spread Saism also.

Now let’s see from the stand point of the devotee who sends the prayers through mail. There is no doubt that Baba is everywhere and our hearts are no exception to it. He knows every fear of our mind and worries residing in our hearts. So then of course there is no need to pray Him!!! But praying to Baba is a way of remembering Him, showing our love towards Him and putting our wishes before Him to be able to live in this world of miseries. By praying Him we say Him, “Baba we remember You, we remember You and we need You”.

We are residing in India and in a way we are much lucky to go to Shirdi whenever we wish (and also on Baba’s wish). But for devotees residing in other countries, it seems very much difficult for them to go to Shirdi whenever they wish! In few thanks giving mails which I received, I noticed a common thing in them and that was devotees wrote that they are much happy that their prayers reached Shirdi in such a situation when they are not able to go there in person. They felt satisfied of being to Shirdi in person. The prayers are taken to Shirdi in physical form i.e. in printed form and placed on Samadhi or near Baba’s Lotus Feet, where even we cannot reach today when lakhs and lakhs of devotees are flocking in Shirdi. The prayers are answered as per our faith only (which Baba knows very well), but our hearts also gets satisfied.

One more point I remember now and want to bring to the notice of readers is that I receive prayers round the clock from Indians residing in various countries, but the most surprising thing is that since few days I have been receiving few prayers (not many but this is a beginning !!!) from non-Indians too!!!

Now coming to the main point of this post, Sai Sister Sasikala has been called to Shirdi for some special purpose which if Baba wishes will be revealed soon. She wants to take prayers and pray for everyone too. One more thing she wishes is that devotees who have sent prayers in past and if their prayers are answered (I am sure many of prayers have been answered), please send thanks giving mails to be passed on to Baba. Copying her mail below without any further delay

Sairam All,
Baba once again has called me to HIS darbar on 20th and 21 st of March, 2009. I’m starting on 20th from Chennai.

So if anybody wishes to send any prayer requests to Baba, kindly request them to send before 19 th 6 pm. I’m starting very early in the morning on 20th.

My mail id for sending prayer request is

I have one more request. Some devotees must have sent their requests earlier and Baba would have answered their prayers. A request to those devotees is to give a “Thanks Giving” to Baba.

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