Prayers Reached Shirdi On September 17, 2010

Dear Sai Readers, Sai sister Priyanka ji is back from Shirdi and she has sent acknowledgment of taking prayers to Shirdi. Below is her mail.

Jai Sai Ram Hetalji,

I am glad to share with all Sai Bhaktas that I had wonderful Sai Baba Darshan in Shirdi. I am very sorry for responding so late. I had an eye infection on my way back from Shirdi due to which I could not access computer. By Baba’s Grace my both eyes are perfectly fine now. I would like to share with all the Sai devotees that I had a very wonderful and pleasant Shirdi trip. Our journey was also very pleasant. The weather became very nice on our way to Shirdi due to the rains. I reached Shirdi on 17th September evening and thereafter we went to Baba’s Darshan. It was very pleasant weather in Shirdi. The prayers along with a coconut were kept at Dwarakamai and then at Samadhi Mandir. When I told Panditji to keep the prayers at Baba’s Samadhi only, he let it keep there making me overjoyed. I sincerely prayed Baba to bless all the prayers. I had nice and Blissful Darshan of Baba in Dwarakamai, Samadhi Mandir and everywhere. We got in the middle row of the Samadhi Mandir and I had ample time to have Baba’s Darshan from the front. I would like to thank all Sai Devotees for their wonderful wishes for our Shirdi trip and also for me and my family. I also thank Baba for providing me this platform through you, Hetalji, where I could be of a small service to the Sai devotees. This was a heartening experience for me of receiving and reading the prayers and keeping it at Baba’s Lotus Feet in Shirdi. I had incredible and miraculous Darshan of Baba everytime I went in Samadhi Mandir. Thank You Baba for everything. Please Call me to Shirdi again very soon because my heart resides there only.

Jai Sai Ram

A Humble Request : Please do not send emails conveying thanks for taking prayers through group mail ids to avoid flooding and duplicating mails in member’s mail box. It is my earnest request to pass on thanks to Sai Baba only and if it is desire of any devotee to convey there thanks, i would request to go to blog and directly post their feelings through comment form below.

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