Prayers Will Be Taken To Shirdi On March 21, 2012

Sai sister Bhuvana ji is going to Shirdi and she writes…

I am planning to visit Shirdi on 21st March 2012.

Could you please post message to all the devotees that in case they have any prayers to be sent, they could do it before Saturday 17th March 2012 and mail to my id

I would consider it as Baba’s blessing to take the prayers with me. Also, if you can guide me how to submit the prayers in His feet, I will be extremely obliged.

Om Sai Ram

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Baba,

    Please keep my husband away from liquor & cards. Please take care of your children as we have surrendered to your holy feet. our lives in your hand. OM SAI RAM

  2. OM SAI RAM………
    OM SAI RAM………
    OM SAI RAM………

  3. om sai ram please bless me for happiest married life i want a healthy strong truthful loveble husband.please change my husband.he has to truly love me, he has to be healthy, he has to be honest, he has to take care of me,please sai save my life with good partner

  4. Thank you BABA for everything..please accept my prayers. Please bless my husband and me with a family. Om Sai Ram…love you Baba!

  5. Dear Sairam….

    sairam i'm really suffering from severe breast pain because of harmonal imbalance…there are many side effects because of this ..please help me to get cured completely..thank you sairam for all that you have been to me please bless each and every one of us…give me good health…thank you sairam….

  6. Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai!!

    Baba, am gonna appear for my CA final this May'2012. Kindly be with me throughout and make me clear my exams. I always need your blessings throughout this life
    Love u loads Baba for giving me enough courage and strength to face de world !

  7. Baba please mere brothers ki problem solve kar do. Kisi tarah karke unki tension khatam kar do kyonki nothing is impossible for you.

  8. Baba – Please give my husband a good job. Please bless him with mental peace. Take away his suffering. Please give my sister a good job and give her peace.

  9. baba please relieve me from my health problems…baba please be with me all the time..and give me enough courage and strength to face any problem.

  10. Om Sai Ram, Baba my son is suffering from blood cancer. He is only 5 years old and we are in Hong Kong. Please save his life. Bless him with long life. I am so much worried for him. Please save me also for him. Give me lots of positive energy.

  11. Jai Sai Ram, Baba please save my sons life, he is suffering from blood cancer, we r in Hong Kong. Give me and my son lots of positive energy. I am also facing many other problems. Please bless my whole family and bless my son with long life. Baba pls. be with my son and me all the time.

  12. Baba, everything is happening as defined by u. Am in a state of such a dilemma,depression and bit scared too. U know what is actually running in me now. Baba I don't have anyone except u to overcome this situation.please..please baba I beg u…

  13. Baba I missed the timeline for sending prayers to you to Shirdi. please forgive my ignorance and consider my prayers and requests in your holy feet Baba.

    Baba I m very happy and feel blessed by you at all times . But inspite of all good things blessed by you me and my husband crave for a child. Our house is lifeless and we feel incomplete as human beings. Baba please bless us with your hands and grant us parenthood . We love you Baba . You have always been on our side and we are your small children and without your grace our life is meaningless.

    Hey deva aapko shat shat Pranams.

    Om Sai Ram


    Baba I missed the timeline for sending prayers to you to Shirdi.

    Hey sairamji aapki krupa humesha milti rahi hai…aapke guidense aur aashirwad se aaj tak humari jindagi bahot theek se chal rahi hai…par yaha kuch dino se shayad aap humse naraz ho gye ho?? baba hum bachcho se agar koi galti ho gyi ho toh hume maaf kar dijiye.. aur meri nayi jindagi ki is shuruwaat me krupa kar aashirwad aur guidense hume dete rahiye jaise aap humesha dete rahe ho…
    aapki beti

  15. dear Babaji…i love you…i dont know about this site till now.but i feel confident that my prayers would get answered by you.i have told a lie to my husband and i know he is not satisfied with me in that matter,u know everything.please help me to get rid of this matter somehow.Baba,today i did a blunder know that please iam repenting for that minute by minute please give me peace.i accept my fault and feel for it.please help me to get peace.please help me to be a good mother to my children and they should continue their education in the general brock school for atleast 10 know what my prayer is…thanks Baba.

  16. Sai, please be there with my grandfather in his time of illness. Ease his pain and suffering and help him recover faster. All of us want to see him back on his feet. Please help him lord.

    On Shri Sai Ram

  17. baba pls help me in this life and really love my husband so much. anything to him i cant take it. i only have u.pls baba.

  18. Mere Pyare Babaji ,
    Aap sabki madad karna. Aap Hamesha apne bhakto ke dukh har lena unki bimari ko khatm kar dena .
    Love u Always

  19. Dear Sai Baba, my child and myself are suffering gravely as my husband has got into a relationship with an evil woman and that woman is casting black magic on me and my child. what little money i could spare, i utilised to remove the black magic last year in september to october. Now again she is attacking and i am touching Your feet to please protect my child and me. Please Baba, I pray to you to bless me and my child with a Miracle for gettting delivered out of my horror filled marriage. Please protect my child and me. Please, if it is possible, may I request you for a Sign so I know ou have heard my desperate prayer. I am really very scared in life right now as i have nobody to support me. Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram

    • I'm from malaysia. I'm want meet shri jagtap
      babaji.can I know when babaji come to Malaysia for free healing touch services campaign will be done

  20. Baba please bless my sister to settle in her life soon, please don't make her wait anymore.

    Please take care of the health of my all family members, friends, neighbours.

    please save my Husband. My son–please protect him always, please unite my parents..

  21. sai nath mujhse aur nahi saha ja rha ap please meri dua puri kar doh baba koi chamtkar dikhao baba apne mera hmesha mera sath dia hai iss bar bhi de doh baba mene sache dil se apse manga hai baba usko pura kar doh sai nath taki mei sab ko btau ki mere baba ne meri wish ko pura kia hai please help me sai nath please help me


  22. dear babji
    please cure my friends wifes illness she in the third stage of cancer and is under going chemo theraphy you are the only one in this universe, who can cure ner illness thank you babaji for the kindneess you are showering on my family members

  23. om sai nathai namah
    baba mujhe pura bharosa hai ki aap meri prarthana jarur sunenge…….baba aap sarwagya hain. mujhe apne problems aap ko batane ki jarurat nahi hai……bas itna hi prarthna karna chahta hun ki mujhe aur mere sampurna pariwar ko apne charanon me sthan dijie aur apna kripaon se bhara hath hamare upar rakh dijie…
    aap hi ka santan….

  24. Pranam baba
    Please always bless my husband and my family.. I wish they always be happy and healthy. And please bless me with a job so that I can be helping hand to my husband.
    Om sai ram om sai ram om sai ram

  25. Dear Sai baba,
    I know I really acted really selfish and carefree. I really want to apologize for my stupidity. Please forgive me. I don't know why i acted so dumb. It will never happen again. My family is going through each and every problems which no one would even want to think of. My mom has gone through so much in her life and just when time had come for her to relax, be happy and enjoy life, she's suffering so so much. she is really sick. Her haemoglobin level is very low and her condition seems to degrade with each passing day. she has become so weak and fragile. I try a lot to keep her happy but she's always sad.It's been more than 4 years and i have lost all hope. On top of that my dad has an external marital affair and he tortures mom so much that it hurts bad. These days he discusses it openly. He actually shows that he hates us and wants us to die. We can't leave him because my mom is not strong enough to face the world. And coming from a reputed family, she fears society. Also becuase he's the only bread winner of the family, she's even scared because we are too young to earn.(Baba, as you know there are many other reasons why we can't leave him, even when we don't want to even see his face for a minute) All the money mom had, she invested it trusting some people and now they also cheated her. They aren't giving us the money back and because of that mom has become even tensed.she has sleepless night because it was due to that money mom was a little secured. she had planned to invest it on our studies and career. since that option is also gone, she has become really depressed. I love her very very much. I don't cry infront of her because if i'd vry, she will really shatter. I act strong and tell her that god is testing our patience and everything will be alright. But it's been so many years and nothing has happened. I trust in you and your presence but i have lost all my hope. None of my prayers seems answered. I would be so happy only if my mom's health would improve. I don't know what to do. I feel like i'm dying inside. I can't break down but i've no options. You are my only hope. Please saibaba please do something. Please help me and give my mother all the happiness she ever wanted in her life baba. You are my only hope. Please help my mom.

  26. Om sri sai ram
    Bless me and my family .My delivery should be normal and bless my baby .I want your blessing always .BLess me alwayas

  27. sai baba meri prayer nai sun rahe hai aur mera vishwas un pe se uth raha hai ab toh aisa lagta hai ki woh sirf tamasha dekh sakte hai aur kuch kar nai sakte mai kab se prayer kar raha hoon achi job k liye achi job toh dor ki ek simple si bhi job nai lag raha

  28. om sai ram, please bless my child and heal him from this dreadful disease..i have full faith in you but i remain anxious about his health always..i want him to be totally healthy and happy..please bless him and heal him with your touch..fulfill my wish..

  29. sai baba please help my married life. we know baba my gets angry in ngs.every smallest things .please make him cool and sober person.please baba solve our day to day prob. you know everything please help me

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