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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee from India: Hello, My faith for Baba ji’s grew when my daughter took me there. She loves Baba Ji and she was hardly 4 years old that time. I wished for my better job and I got it with Grace of Baba ji. I am thankful to You for what You have given me so far. Please keep Your blessings and grace with me all the time. After that I took Parayan for 9 weeks and I fasted and tried to visit His Temple most of the Thursday’s.
Baba ji, I have some problems in my married life. My husband has anger issues and very egoistic. He doesn’t share his life with me and talk rudely also he doesn’t give any value to me. Please give me strength that I keep my balance of mind in this situation and help us with Your grace to have happy married life.

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  1. ॐ श्री साईं नाथाय नम:
    Sai Nath please Bless us (me and my husband) with a happy married life Always.Pls keep my husband healthy and Bless him with a long life..Thanks Baba for removing obstacles from my married life..Thanks Again..

  2. Dear Sai devotee,

    looking at the brief you have provided regarding your personal problems, all i can say is that have a firm faith in Baba and endure the phase.

    There is going to be a point where your husband will realise your saburi and get closer to you. Try to understand his frustrations and give him the impression that you are feeling bad about it and ready to adjust to whatever extend to be with him and love him rather than just getting into arguement mode.

    May be by this you might have to show patience for 10 or 20 instances, but in the end your husband will realise it definetly and reciprocate the same. Afterall, it doesnot matter whether other person likes us, what matters is to what extent we like other person and what all we would compromise. You are doing your bit.

    Keep your saburi and leave your problems to baba. Baba knows when to turn your life into a blissful experience.

    May sai baba shower his blessing soon.

    Om sai ram

  3. Anything is possible when you surrender to Him. Let go of your worries when you do and He will change your world. Have faith 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. Dear Friend,

    I am sorry for what you are going through. Do not loose hope and like other Sai friend suggested your Saaburi will give you good results with Sai blessings. I would like to share an experience which might help you increase your Saaburi.

    One of my colleague had the same issue and she didn't have any hopes that her husband would ever change. It so happened that she shared her problems with me. She heard from one of her friends about Baba's mahima and asked me my experiences since Iam also Sai devotee. I told her my experiences and back of mind I was praying Baba that her problems should soon resolve and I know it must be testing phase for her but please end her problems soon.

    She use to share her bad, difficult days etc and then I gave her Sai idol and told her to pray Baba everyday and leave all problems on him as he will take care of everything but have Shradha and Saaburi.

    After few months, we went into different jobs and one day she happily came to me and shared that her husband is totally changed now and she is very happy. Always try to share your problems with a trust worthy friend or family member who can guide you on right path.

    So please trust Sai Baba and have patience. Everyone of us suffer for a reason and it is a phase for the past mistakes we may have done knowingly or unknowingly (this birth or past). And always remember Baba is trying to help us remove our sins with minimal effect.

    Smile to the problems and say that you trust Baba and he knows what's best for you.

    Please excuse me if I said anything wrong and/or remove my opinion if it violates blog rules.

    May Baba bless us all with good health and happiness and spread the love to all.

    Love and Peace to all
    From Sai Friend

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