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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from an Anonymous Devotee from India: Sai Ram to all! Thank you for the team maintaining this site and also our beloved Sai who is behind all this good work. I am a regular reader of this site, this site connects me to Baba more and more. Since, last year i have being facing lots of problems, i love one guy and he was trying to convince his family since past two years but they were not agreeing. Meanwhile, in August we had a fight and while we were fighting on call, he started shouting and his elder brother heard that and then he stopped calling me, and he didn’t have any contact number of his own as his brother had taken his cell phone long back, so i used to call on his mother’s cell phone whenever i wanted to talk. He stopped calling me and he even stopped coming to office. I was really worried, i was unable to take this. I have always prayed to my Baba and that time also i kept praying to give me back my love. Things became more worse when his brother called my family and told that they do not want this guy to talk to me and my family told we were thinking of getting them married but his brother denied and told i shouldn’t ever contact him. I was totally shattered. I was praying to Baba to solve this, to at least make him come to office so that i can talk to him once.

He came to office in mid of September and through our common friend, we came in contact, but he was not willing to even talk to me he wanted to end it because he was afraid of his brother. He was just thinking about his brother and family. I didn’t lose hope because i knew Baba is with me and He will take care of everything. In October, we started talking a little, but he never used to take initiate of calling me before me. Things improved a little. He said, okay he will try again for us and speak to his family but not now. But Baba still things are not okay now he does not want to try because of his mother’s health issue. Baba i know this is all due to my past karma that i am suffering, please please forgive me and please make him realise that he is doing wrong to me. I even told him to move on if he wants but at least whatever time we are together, he should give me care concern support but Sai Paa, You know he ignores me even after my accepting of his marriage with somebody else, he is not ready to give me the time which is left. Please Baba somehow make things happen in such a way that he realises the pain which i am going through. Baba, i just have You on my side and no one else. Please Please Baba bless Your daughter. Please accept my Divya Pooja Vrat and Sugar candy Vrat which i had been doing and forgive me if i have not followed the Vrat properly. Love You a lot Sai Paa! Sri Sachidanand Samartha Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

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  1. Om sai ram .have faith and confidence.baba will make you marry to your love.baba sai a small prayers bless the girl with his love n lyfpartner she loves.all surrender to your feet baba shirdi sai sai ram.Jai maa sai.

  2. Surrender at His Feet and tell Him you will accept any decision He takes. He will only do you good 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  3. Dear sister,

    I request you to have faith in Sai baba. I think you are still worried about other needs while praying to Baba. Baba expects you to surrender at his feet and look at his face graciously not thinking of other worries. You should understand that even by doing pooja and looking at him if you are still worrying then your problem is percieved to be more than your devotion on Baba. Sorry for saying this to you. But trust me, i even i faced lot of problems in my life, but when i started leaving aside everything and concentrating on divya murthi sai baba, i just stopped thinking about it and suddenly things were moving without my consciousness and all my friends by themselves came to my help and solving my problem. Sometimes i feel as though i am just sitting and watching at baba feet and observing all the positive developments in my life.

    Coming to your desire, i think you are trying to get too pocessive towards him even after he is going to marry someone else. I think we must also remember at times that Baba expects us to be content with what we have rather than constantly expect something. This is evident when one of Baba devotee wanted to start a business and Baba denied him multiple times. The devotee was depressed but in the long run he realised that all those business have failed and Baba saved him. So probably you are destined to have someone more deserving for you. Moreover if a guy cant take a stand on his love then probably you must understand that either love from his side is not a real one or his other priorities are more important for him than love. In either case you should avoid him according to me.

    Sorry sister if i had spoken harshly. I just wrote with the emotion post reading your pain. I would have told this to my own sister also.

    May sai baba soon bless you.

    Om sai ram

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