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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee from India: Baba, I have experienced Your blessing in various aspects of life for about past two to three years. But now it’s going to be one year since I am married but I still do not have a kid. Everyone around me are upset about this. Please bless me with a kid Baba. Also I am searching for a job. Financial problems are going to extreme in my life. Please bless me with a job and relieve me from worries Baba. I have been Your sincere devotee and take up 9 week Vrat with sincere devotion. It was because of Your blessing that I have got a best husband and wonderful in-law family. Thank You so much Baba. Though I do not have father and had lot of financial issues in my marriage, it was because of Your blessing that my marriage was a successful one. But unfortunately after marriage I couldn’t continue my 9 week Vrat as my husband is not allowing me to fast. Kindly forgive me for this Baba and as always please keep showering Your blessings on me Baba.

Baba, it’s going to be a year since i am married but i am still not blessed with a baby. Please forgive us for having committed any mistake knowingly or unknowingly. Please Baba we are Your kids please forgive us do not punish us. Please bless us with a kid and guide us in the right path of life. Also kindly bless me with a job Baba. Whatever problem comes in our life, please be with us Baba. Continue showering Your blessings on us and guide us to solve all problems and lead a happy life. Baba I sincerely believe on You. Everyone around me are unhappy that I am not blessed with baby and I do not have job. Please Baba bless me, relieve me from my worries. I sincerely touch Your feet and beg You Baba, please shower Your blessings on me. I need Your blessings on me. Please accept my prayer and bless me Baba. I am Your child Baba, please forgive me for all mistake that I have made in my life knowingly or unknowingly. Do not punish me Baba, please forgive me Baba. Please please please please shower Your blessing on me Baba.

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  1. I am sure He has a plan for you in the making and He is working towards making your life good before He bestows you with a child. One thing at a time 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  2. Om Sai Ram sister, please keep continuing drinking udi-mixed water first thing in the morning. It will do miracles. I will also pray for you.
    Om Shri Sainathay Namah.

  3. Dear Devotee,

    It looks like you are too scared of sai baba than being his devotee. He never punishes anyone. He treats good and bad people the same way. He will allow them to realise their mistakes and take appropriate action at the right time.

    Further, i think you are too engrossed in your needs rather than accepting what sai baba has given you. He always does good but unfortunately we only percieve him when our wants are given.

    Just pray him sincerely remembering feet always.

    Then you would leave all your sorrows and be peaceful. currently, your troubles are dominating than the fact that you are his devotee.If you are his devotee you are already at his feet and you need not pray that he needs to be always with you. He expects you to remember him always rather than thinking too much about our materialistic needs.

    Just leave all worries to him and surrender yourself. You will see his bliss.

    Trust me, i expereinced his miracles by doing it.

    Sorry if i have been rude. Its just that i felt bad reading your words saying " donot punish me sai baba".



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