Baba Help Me – Sai Devotee Girish

Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Devotee Girish from India: Baba please help me.I am left with no option than to end my life, You are my last hope Baba jisne Tera naam ljya Tu holiya uske sath..

Help me Baba, just help me

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  1. Hey Girish , Don't worry ! All will be set fine very soon with blessings of Baba on you !! Fight with hope whatever you are facing right now !! Good Luck ��

    • Girish brother don't take such extreme step.Please start reading sacharitha.Baba will surely answer your prayer.Good luck

  2. Dear devotee have Shraddha and Saburi Baba is making you strong for every hardship you face.Don't lose hope, Baba is always there for you and HE loves HIS each and every devotee unconditionally

  3. Please read the Satcharita and He will show you the solution. May He bless you with his grace.

    Jai Sairam

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