Please Fulfill My Wishes Baba – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee: Dear Baba, This is my prayer. Please understand my situation Baba. I thought You are there for everything, but now things seems to be different, I worry about You are near to me or not

Please Baba, be with me, please give job for my elder brother and younger brother, both they are belongs to You, it’s Your responsibility to take care of them wherever they are, please give them a job, they worry a lot about their future, even though they are not Your devotees, please provide them a chance to understand You and pull them towards You. Baba, please I want four things to happen, my close friend, to whom I am expecting and waiting to meet should come soon and I want to meet him, then my elder and younger brother , both should get a job as soon as possible and I am going to apply job for my dream country, please be with me, help me to get job there and make me move over there, its fully Your responsibility. I believe only You for all these things. Please fulfil it Baba, till that I will not eat Chicken, its for my prayer, You know well my place is difficult to avoid chicken, but I want to do it for You, I will not eat Chicken till I get these things, it’s my promise Baba, please make these things happen soon Baba. Please. Om Sai Ram.

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