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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers from Anonymous Devotee from India: I have completed masters in business administration. I loved Harshadeep from 10/01/2012. We are in deep love. But, I am an Hindu. He’s a Christian

Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram. Sai Baba changed my life from childhood. I am a upper middle class girl and while doing my masters I loved Harshadeep sincerely. From 2012, we are in love. We loved each other. From starting days Harsha said to his mother about our love. She also accepted our proposal. Harsha is the only son to his parents. In these 4.5 years we loved very sincerely. He used to take me to temples also. But from September his father asked me to tell my father. Due to some problems I had make late. So his father got angry with me and started for searching proposals to Harsha. I am very much tensed and I told to my mother. She was angry with me and she doesn’t accept this.

From these days I started reading Sai Baba Charithra many times, even I saw Baba answers and every time Baba is answering me positively. I am happy to see the answers, Harsha is elder than me. That is also one of the main reason for not accepting my marriage, Harsha got angry and irritated me some days back, then he asked me to get out from my house, I did not accept that. Because my father doesn’t know about my proposal. So I don’t want him to get bad. But I know Harsha’s irritation, so he like to sacrifice my love

Baba I don’t have any option and I need Harsha for long time. I can’t think of any other lady with him. I need Harsha. Without Harsha I can’t live. I don’t have any options. Please Baba kindly help me. I started reading Baba Charithra. I am getting many positive replies. While coming from Hyderabad to Andhra Pradesh I just prayed to Baba and said, if I saw Baba photo within a time we reached Andhra. After some time I saw many times and my car was stopped near Baba’s photo. I am very surprised. I chanted Baba Baba until I came to my place. I have full faith on Sai Baba that He Himself will get me married to Harsha. I don’t make problems just praying him daily because Baba needs Shradha and Saburi. I am in that way only. Sai was the only hope. Whenever I want to go to Harsha for outing. I used to take blessings from Sainath. So, He will definitely help me otherwise I won’t be in this world. I used to go to Baba’s temple frequently. I am waiting for his plan.

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