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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Hi all Sai devotees and thanks Hetalji for providing this website to share our experience, I am a small devotee of Sai. I connected to Sai few months back and now I want to share my miracle experience with you all.

I was working as associate software engineer in a MNC. I joined this company in April 2015. After joining this company I got many good friends and I was happy with the office environment also. In our batch we were 47 people and we had undergone 3 months of class room training and after 3 months everyone was assigned to project but nobody was getting work in their project and in my project 2 freshers were there including me. My friends who got project with me were getting at least KT (knowledge transfer) from seniors, but we were not getting that also and we knew only our project name nothing apart from that. We thought maybe they would give KT(knowledge transfer) after sometime so we kept quiet(and this was the big mistake I made). We used to simply sit the whole day and in February we all freshers were released from the project and came to bench. During March we got to know that one of the big clients in our company was not giving any project to our company and we heard the news of layoff, but we didn’t much care about that thinking that this won’t affect fresher’s much, because we thought only layoff would affect laterals and in March they released most of laterals and some freshers and later we felt happy that layoff got over and they won’t remove more people now. We were scared a bit since all were in bench. But again we received news that no more projects were going to come to our company and we all got shattered after this news. Then daily we started to go to our manager and ask them to assign us to some project but manager used to reply that new projects were in pipeline and they would assign us to that project. This went for about 2 months then we thought at least we will take some project from old teammates for our resume, so even if we get layoff then we should not search for projects (since we didn’t get any KT and didn’t have hands-on experience in project).

My manager told our senior to explain a project in which he had worked, he explained an SSIS and SSRS project but this was not our domain(we had one week training of SSIS and SSRS but my domain was different and I didn’t want to go for this domain). In August we fresher’s also got layoff, we were about 120 freshers who got layoff during this period. And I was fully blank since I didn’t have any hands-on experience in project and didn’t know how to crack interview without hands-on experience and I didn’t want to put SSIS and SSRS project to my resume so, I asked most of the friends for project and I got some. Out of those I added a project in that, meanwhile my uncle asked me to send my resume and I sent this resume to him (my uncle is very good but from my childhood I am really scared of him and don’t know why I don’t have guts to talk to him in front). Then one more problem started since I took project from my friend I asked him to explain the project but he told even he didn’t know about the project, he took it from some senior and then I only analysed some part of project and started preparing for project, but I was not fully confident and I attended few interviews. But I could not clear since I was not knowing most about the project and then I didn’t have hands-on experience(in most of interview they asked me whether I had hands-on experience and told the truth to them that I didn’t).

Then I told everything to my other friend and he told me to take his project, he was working in that company only but with different client(he was having little hands-on experience and he was knowing everything about his project and he also got layoff along with us and he explained everything about the project) and I replaced this project with my old project in resume. And I started searching job with my friends and within 1 month everyone got job with doubled package and I became more scared thinking what would happen to me? One day when I was searching something in google I came to know about your blog and started to read devotees’ experiences and became little stress free. In some devotees’ experiences they had mentioned about Sai Nav Gurvar vrat so, I started Sai Nav Gurvar vrat. Mean while my uncle told I would get a call from a company and he had spoke to them. And he asked me to tell him the HR name when I get a call from that company so that he can speak with higher management and now I was little shocked because the resume which I had sent him had different project than my current resume and I was not prepared for that project and moreover recommendations I never wanted. So I started asking Baba that please I shouldn’t get any call from that company. Then I didn’t get any call from that company. I was happy that I was not giving any interview for that company and again my uncle called me and asked me about the call and I told about not getting any call. Then he told he would speak to that company person, and I would get job and not to worry. He told like this and I was fully tensed. And during my 2nd Sai Nav Guruvar vrat Baba gave me flower while doing pooja and by Baba’s grace I got an interview call from a consultancy. To attend an interview in one of big MNC in a city and while going to interview I promised Baba that I would come with my family and 1 extra person to Shirdi with my earned amount if I got job in that company and I cleared all rounds, and next week after interview they called me and told me about the selection. Then I got to know that it was a contract basis job and it was of 1 year contract and 1 year bond was also there and they told after 1 year they would make my job permanent if I worked good.

I know Baba will definitely help in learning and doing job well and making my job permanent. But one day that consultancy guy told me that salary would be 18k per month after 6 months hike would be there and after some days they called me and told that project was on hold in that company so, didn’t know whether they would give joining or not? It has been 1 month they told like that but still I have hope that Baba will definitely give me that job. Please, Sai Baba I need that job(since 5 months got over after my layoff and it is very difficult to get job, if long break is there ) Sai devotees please pray for me so that I get joining date soon with good package in that company. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram.

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