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Shirdi Sai Baba Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from India: Dear Friends, today I want to assure you all that there is no need to do any special pooja or anything to please our Beloved Sai Maa. (As already mentioned in Sai Satcharitra by Baba Himself) Only The Holy Sai Name is more than enough if you have true love for Baba in your heart. You, me, all of us are all sinners knowingly or unknowingly and we all know that. But still Baba stands by us all the time. Thank You Sai Maa from all of us.

Baba, I request You to take away all the hurdles that are there in the success path of my husband. He didn’t do anything wrong. Also, please bless us with baby as it has been a long time we have not seen anything good after losing our Baby Girl Pari. My prayers: My husband was working with a well known hotel group in Delhi, India. He joined them 3 years back when the hotel was in pre-opening stage. He was having normal everyday challenges while working there and then all of sudden his General Manager had to leave and then the story changed completely. Loads of politics started happening and then they appointed new GM and due to his misbehaviour many people left but my husband was trying to adjust as he was on a big position and also he didn’t want to quit like that. But that new GM started pressure tactics on my husband and he had to leave the job without having another offer in hand and he resigned and served his notice period till 25th, June, 2016 and he was not able to go out to attend interviews even when he was on notice period. Since June, 2016 my husband is not working anywhere. We tried every single door but nothing worked out for us. We did everything, every pooja even my husband had to talk to those people whom he never wanted to speak. He had gone through so much in these 6-7 months journey. Meanwhile he joined a temporary job with a new venture which was also not worthy because now they were playing games in releasing salary of my husband. I thought of doing Saptah Parayan and Nav Guruvar vrat but discontinued because of situations and lack of strength. But few days back I was going through Sai Satcharitra and also it is a habit of mine to read Devotees’ experience before going sleep. So while reading everything, the only thought came into my mind was to repeat Sai Sai Sai. That is the only refuge for me as I cannot see my hubby losing his confidence, hope and belief in God. So now from past two days again some interview calls have started coming and we have new hope but still things are not turning in right direction and its giving demotivation. Baba I have only Your name as You are my Guru, my ray of hope. After losing Pari, I prayed everyday for baby and faced disappointments but still Your name gave me hope and now I have started afresh and I know my Shraddha and Saburi will fill colours in my married life. But Sai I can’t see my hubby in this pain. Please help him get the best job with very good package. He deserves that Sai. It was not his fault but then also he had to lose the job. Friends we will be completing three years of our roller coaster married life in this coming Feb, 2016. I request you all to please ask our Sai Maa to relieve my pains. Baba You did treat my neck pain and now it is time to heal me from inside. Baba please bless my hubby with best job and a very good package ASAP and also please bless us with baby the same way you gifted me Pari right before our first wedding anniversary.

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