Baba Please Help Me – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from UK: Baba is always so graceful to me in my difficult situation; I am here to pray for my sister to get married and solve her current problems with her job. I am so blessed with Baba, when I was in a difficult situation which was no job and struggle with my marriage, and I was very new to Baba’s blessings and His miracles and I prayed to Him with my full heart to get good job and get married. Within a month I got good job which saved me from all my financial problems. And then it took me 2 years to get married(after so much of struggle), however I got married to such a wonderful person(am so blessed with my marriage), it was worth waiting for such a long period to marry him.

Now our family is in big stress for my sister’s marriage, she is 30 now, and we are looking for good match since last 2 and half years, all the time somehow marriage is not finalizing. One or other is restricted either horoscope, or person or family. She is getting matches which are not at all suitable for her. Our family is so depressed. She got masters degree with good job profile and good looking but still it is not happening, I know Baba will bless us soon, but we are in a critical situation that my parents are not able to answer anyone in the society as one of our cousin brother’s daughter also got married. I can’t even imagine how parents are facing anyone with their questions to them. We can’t even celebrate any function or can’t go for function. For my sister she got more issues with her career which she didn’t expect at all, she is in depression now with her career and marriage. Due to the stress she put on more weight and not eating properly, she struggled a lot in her family. I pray to Baba to give her peaceful life soon. It is becoming more stress for my parents and my sister everyday. I feel so bad that am not able to help them in anyway. I ask all of the Sai devotees to pray for my sister to get her married to a good person soon. Baba, please bless us soon. Thank you all for your prayers to Sai. Om Sairam.

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