Sai Please Solve This Puzzle – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Shirdi Sai Prayers From Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA: Sairam, Some relatives are talking very badly about my parents. I am not able to take it. I am crying from past 1 week but I am not able solve this puzzle. As my parents have some debits, meaning everybody blaming them horribly even my brother also blaming my parents very badly. My parents are also not able to take this and my mother’s health is also not in good condition. She already has heart problem. Please Baba, solve this puzzle. Also, brother and his wife have completely changed and they are spreading rumours about my parents very badly. Their intention is very bad. Also my parents don’t want any financial help from us, they just require moral support. Instead of giving that, my brother and his wife are blaming them terribly.

My brother’s wife gave my in law’s number to the debit person and he had called my in laws. My in laws made it a very big issue and started spreading rumours. Also my husband side’s relatives are creating more rumours and blaming them. The rumours are in such a way that my husband has given money to them for helping and this is 100% rumour. Sai, if You really exist and if I really believe in You, please clarify these rumours to all the people and also let everyone know who started these rumours and all these negatively involved people should say sorry to my parents and these people should touch their feet and should say will not do like this to any person in the world. Also make sure, my brother and his wife should have basic respect towards my parents.

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